PORSCHE 956-007

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    Long regarded as the Holy Grail of of the Porsche 956-962 series 956-007 is arguably one of the most sought after cars. Having by many been presumed lost after a heavy impact during the last ever World Sportscar Championship 1000K race at the old Nordschleife circuit in 1983.


    For it was not merely that this car had been driven by some of the greatest endurance races of the era but the qualifying lap record by Stefan Bellof in a time of 6:11 which still stands to this day.


    It transpires that 956-007 was turned into a Miller show car by Al Holbert and has been languishing in a North American museum until it was purchased in 2007 and shipped to Group C Ltd for restoration.

    >>> www.groupcltd.co.uk/group-c-stop-press.htm
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    Porsche 956-007

    Competition Group: C

    Constructed For: Porsche AG (werks) under Rothmans Livery

    Ownership History: Porsche AG (1982), Rothmans (1983), Lloyd (1983), Bell (1983)

    Competition Highlights: 1st Silverstone 1983

    Chassis Notes: badly damaged at Nurburgring, 1983; chassis stripped and sold to Rothmans; rebuilt in England and sold to Lloyd as camera car; renumbered 956-008 and sold to Derek Bell.

    >>> www.962.com
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    I helped move her today as she was having the fuel drained. 007 now resides at Wilton House and can be seen at Wilton Classic and Supercar Weekend this June. www.wiltonclassicandsupercar.co.uk

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