Porsche 997.2(facelift) Turbo

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  1. Turbo S usually comes in every 911 generation, with the GT2 power, more exclusive colors and options. The GT2 will not be canceled.
    997.2 or mk2.. I don`t know.. evo magazine says the face-lift (997.2).

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  3. Turb0 S is usually AWD isn't it? So the GT2 and Turbo S shouldn't cannibalize each other
  4. lets see how the new turbo can compete with the updated 2010 gtr. my prediction: (performance gtr > turbo) (handling gtr > turbo) (exterior design gtr > turbo) (interior design gtr
  5. 3.4 is damn fast. Awesome RS Spyder wheels, hated the old 997 Turbo wheels with a passion.

    Not really sure what the point of a GT2 is now. Turbo is just as fast and a sh!t load cheaper
  6. i'm not 100% sure but I thought that since the 993, the Turbo S has been a limited run Turbo model to close out the production of that generation of 911. I've never thought of it as part of the standard model lineup.
  7. whats the point? the point is to be the fastest porsche on the market even with 600 hp, the turbo is more a daily driver than a gt2, also probably a new version with more power and other mods is on the way
  8. The GT2 is for those of us with the hairiest chests and most enormous balls.

    The doctors and lawyers of the world will take the turbo.
  9. it now has more hp then a f430 but would i take it over the f430
    they finally put proper paddles on the stearing wheal with the PDK gear box
    over all i like it
  10. I believe so. There is also "porscheplatz" which is the main roundabout thing in the monsterous porsche complex. Technically all thats in zuffenhausen though.
  11. Maybe. I always pictured the GT3 RS as the "manliest porsche", if you want to call it that.

    The GT2 now, in my opinion, is for rich dicks who want to show off how much money they have but would kill themselves on the first lap if they ever took the GT2 to a track.

    Cant wait for the 998 Turbo. From all they spy shots it looks like they're going to bring back the whale-tale rear ends again. cant wait!
  12. The wheels look cheap.

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