Porsche 997 GT2 RS- official

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by dani san, May 3, 2010.

  1. We will see, i'm waiting on some tracktests, when combining speed with handling I'm guessing the Ferrari takes the cake though.
  2. I think even around a track the Scuderia version of the 458 would be the only ferrari that would take on the GT2RS (or maybe an Enzo with new rubber).
  3. omg i just passioned all over a whores chest
  4. The real time for the RS is 7:18
  5. I can see only one solution to this matter, if I bring my 458, can you bring your 997 GT2 RS? Nürburgring ok with you?
  6. The Turbo weighs 340 lbs more than the current GT2, yet it didn't get slaughtered by the GT2 in a straight line even from a roll.

    And yes, the GT-R is much quicker than something with similar power and weight.
  7. Got ya
  8. no the Turbo weighs about 200 lbs more than a GT2, and having read some porsche forums, the new turbo is making just as much power as a GT2.

    the Turbo has the PDK advantage vs the GT2's weight advantage. they are pretty equal at speeds below 250.
  9. According to Porsche's stats, there's 340 lbs between them. The Turbos weighed by C&D and R&T have been pretty close to the claimed figure. That would mean that the GT2's weight given by Porsche was not accurate, and that it was substantially heavier than claimed. How can you be sure that Porsche are not doing the same with the RS?

    On those forums, were those Porsches dyno'ed on the same dyno under the same conditions? You are 100% positive the GT2 wasn't heat soaked?

    Considering even 200 lbs, the GT2 should have easily pulled away from the Turbo.

    We don't know enough about either car's aero package to conclude that the RS will murder the Italia. The Ferrari's Cd is slightly less, and reduces at high speed. In any event, Ferrari will have a hotter version on the way.
  10. MP4-12C will be close to same weight, actually a little lighter I think (70 kg for fluids sounds about right) and will be great competition. The 458 just can't hang, sorry
  11. I actually agree with you. the GT2RS will be about 300 lbs lighter than the 458 going off the GT2's weight claimed by mags, not by porsche.

    We will see if my theory holds up, but I dont think the 458 will hang with the GT2RS. the only car of their group I might a chance would be the 570 SL, only because of the chance that it would be underrated by the factory. otherwise, the RS will stand alone.
  12. So a GT2 is a Turbo with RWD, right? And the GT2 RS is a light version of the GT2?

    And the GT3 is a GT2 without turbo?
  13. The GT3 is the sporty version of the normal Carrera and the GT2 is the sporty version of the Turbo without the AWD.

    Both the GT3 and GT2 now have stripped out, more extreme RS versions.
  14. there are too many 911 variants.
  17. unpainted hood is dumb and ricey
  18. yeah porsche SHOULD NOT be doing this
    especially 10 years too late
  19. They're trying to beat Techart to the punch.
  20. It can be very fast at the 'Ring, but for its price and performance, it just doesn't look or sound special enough. It's one of the worst-looking 997's IMO with this aftermarket tasteless styling and the 3.6 flat six sounds just as flat and characterless as the 911 Turbo (wich isn't a big deal in the Turbo, as it's more of a GT car). Would take a NA 911 GT3 / GT3 RS over this anyday for raw excitement or a Turbo S for a super-fast yet tamed GT car. This GT2 RS is just fast, but not really that attractive to me.

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