Porsche accueses Nissan of cheating

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by nino1990, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. New Turbo?º|
  2. Really? That has never happened to any other car before.
  3. lol rules are for #%$s and nerds
  4. Yes it got that, however the Nurburgring is in reality a toll road, which means that the limiter should be in place for a lap record attempt.
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    The speed limiter is disengaged when the gps detects the car is on a track. Another this, only the Japanese version has the limiter.
  6. Horst von Saurma achieved 7:50 on a partially wet track, not 7:55. Still better than what he was able to achieve with the 997, 7:54.
  7. The GT-R is actually 200kg heavier then the 911 turbo. 1555kg for the Turbo vs 1760kg for the GT-R
  9. Porsche is probably the most legit sportcar manufacturer on earth. Whatever they #$%#ing say you listen to.
  11. we know that the GTR can NOT out accelerate a Z06, LP640 or 997TT, yet when it did a 7:29 lap time it achieved a speed of 290 on the back straight. im sorry, thats BS and always has been. 290 is more like what the CGT and LP640 did.

    even with a 7:50 the lap time is comparible to the Gallardo, F430 and 997TT (with the same driver) and really shows off the car's handling and braking abilities since we know it loses on the straights.
  12. Ajzahn posts many Supertests. Maybe you should have a good look at them like the one from the Z06 and GT3 for example.

    Tell us which car accelerates faster and which one was faster on the straight.
  13. I agree and I think the porshes driver may of had some problem.
  14. yeah, the newest model year 911 turbo. I think they have the new motor and an option for the new gearbox. revised body/suspension too. Not 100% on this though.
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  16. Nissan may or may not have embellished but 7:54 is even more farfetched
  18. Porsche and Corvette fanboys are a bunch of crybabies.
  19. yeah, right...
  20. Yeah it is right, they're always right.
  21. man the GT-R is awesome lol
  22. LOL!! You're funny... I still think the 911 Turbo claimed time should habe a big grain of salt! Around 7:50, that's what both should be doing...
  23. So that would make the Z06's time also unrealistic. You people are funny
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    http://www.porsche.com/usa/eventsandracing/motorsport/philosophy/history/racingcars/…. ...clearly they haven’t earned the right to voice an opinion within the scope of rule enforcement especially in light of the tremendous support sanctioning bodies have given them (do the numbers 917 mean anything. While it is understood that the figure in question is not related to racing, the theme of following guidelines and presenting accurate figures is still relevant. Additionally, given the regulations Porsche has had to endure, there intimate knowledge of the track in question, and the fact that they consistently understate the performance figures of their models, its perfectly appropriate for them to voice skepticism about anemic lap time figures purported by the same company that makes the Versa.
  25. ... Moreover if I were Porsche CEO, I would reengineering the RS Spyder prototype and market it as a "production car".

    p.s. Anybody have the idea of Nurgburing time of RS Spyder? 6:30?

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