porsche elements?

Discussion in '2006 Rinspeed zaZen Concept' started by nishav, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. viewed from far away, i thought those headlamps came from the new 911. do you guys think that this car has parts and ideas from porsche, or other marques?
  2. That was also my first thought, but compare the front with a Ferrari 612 and you'll see where they've taken the front lights. They are exactly the same!

    Funny, am I the first person who noticed?
  3. Porsche has nothing to do with the overall design of the car but Rinspeed does use some Porsche parts, I'm willing to bet those headlights are from the Ferrari 612S too.
  4. i thougt it was some kind of new porche cayman
  5. if you cut the indicator light portion off of the 911 headlight that would be the same basic design. it's not made of porsche inspired elements, it is a porsche. they used more than the chassic and drive train from the Carrera 4. although the back end looks more 959 than anything. the bubble tops funky though. wouldn't think that would work on anything but 50'-60's presidential limos and beetles.
  6. Rinspeed needs to come up with an original design. That is just a ripoff of a porche.

  7. A rip off of Porsche? It IS a Porsche.

    Saleen, Brabus, Alpina, Hartge... RUF?

    It's what they do, they make more exclusive versions of already popular cars. This one just happens to have an all new exterior (that is still recognizably a 911) and a bubble roof.

    It's not new. In fact, it's a great way to present a concept (like the roof) without having to build an entire concept car chassis/running gear.
  8. Why are you all blind???
    The headlights have NOTHING to do with PORSCHE!!!!
    FERRARI 612!!!!

    That's the truth and nothing but the truth!!!
  9. The car is a Porsche. Rinspeed only creates cars based on Porsches.
  10. Rinspeed use whatever is convenient, in the past they've used cars as diverse as the Dodge Viper and the Mercedes C-class Sport Coupe (at least the lights). Their concepts are less about styling than the new ideas they implement into every production.
  11. Another mental, never-going-into-production Rinspeed concept.

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