Porsche Info Leaked - 997 facelift

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by dani san, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Porsche Info Leaker - 997 facelift
  2. Can't believe they've got rid of Cobalt Blue.
  3. The turbo still has that awkwardly integrated driving light.
  4. Not much of a face lift besides the bi-xenon headlights. I think those are just spy shots of a Turbo Cab. I highly doubt they would make the Carrera's look exactly like the Turbo. Porsche has been pretty keen on keeping them distinct.
  5. damn i just lost 15%
  6. Wait, I'm an idiot. Just saw the rest of the spy pics. my bad. looks good. it almost looks like their bringing back the long tail light across the whole back like the 993 models. (just look at the back end Carrera spy pics) That would be awesome. Any mention of an official unveiling date?
  7. This would look bad-ass.

    And yes i'm fully aware of my photoshop suckage
  8. Is the 7 speed a double clutch?
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  10. manual gear box is standard, PDK an option, but 7-speed, ???
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  12. latest pics by Autozeitung:
  13. I like the taillights, not sure about the front.
  14. sounds like they upgraded quite a bit of stuff. Good to hear!
  15. the back looks sad, but nice detail touches
  16. meh............ rather have the lights go back to the newest version of the 996
  17. Facelift? this is almost a new model!!!

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