Porsche LMP1 2014 car

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  1. gun win err ting

  2. I have waited so long for this!
  3. looks like any other lmp car.
  4. The regulations are pretty tight so all cars look very alike. They can do something else with the headlights but I guess this one is just for testing and the final car will look slightly different.
  5. Seriously.
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  7. Race Trim
  8. awesome
  9. Its really not a good looking car, not like the silk cut jags and 956/962s of old. Bring back the Group C days, with good looking cars. Or force them to homologate these cars.
  10. ugly as #$%#
  11. come on guys... form follows function in racing.

    I like how it looks because it's so unapologetically "RACE CAR"
  12. The ERS power will be driving the front wheels in this machine.
  13. The aerodynamics are so weird now. Seems like a step backwards but I'm sure it isn't.
  14. It probably is a step backwards to drop cornering speeds.
  15. Actually I know a bit about aerodynamics and I can say for sure that judging by the look of that machine it is more aerodynamic than the other cars although it looks like it will be more sensitive to being in the dirty air than the other cars.
  16. Yeah, who needs CFD and full scale wind tunnels when you can just eye ball it. How many kg's of downforce does it give at 250kmh? My eyes tell me ~1000kg, but I'm not wearing my glasses. One thing I can tell, based off my extensive knowledge of gearboxes and engines is that the new Porsche 2.0 is going to put out at least 750hp including its ERS systems, you can tell by the amount of piping on the sides of the engines.
  17. I forget how small LMP cars are until you put one next to a 911.
  18. I can't believe my "I can tell by teh pixels that it's aerodynamic/unaerodynamic" troll still works every time after all these years.
  19. Umm... who is trolling who? I live under a bridge.

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