Porsche Panamera Sport Tourismo

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Baklava, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. Holy shit this looks hot.
  2. I like it
    Rear looks like an obese asian mans face
  3. the rear reminds me of an alfa romeo brera that had sex with a saab 95
  4. this is how the Panamera should have looked from the start
  5. What James said ! So much better than the sedan.
  6. Holy shit I hope they build these
    Panamera was awesome all along, but it had that shit rear end
  7. Ditch the hybrid and give me a turbo s black on black
  8. holy shit they fixed it. i actually like this
  9. torpedo titties front end.
  10. finally, it's awespome/
  11. More pics:
  12. looks a bit higher off the ground doesn't it?
  13. I like the stance, proper it is.
  14. panamera is pretty tall by default. ride height looks the same
  16. 4 inches taller and its the Cayanne.
  17. My god. I never through I would be able to appreciate the looks of the Panamera, but this changes that. James is right, should have looked like this from the start.
  18. it's like a massive brera
  19. cars in this class usually have a button to adjust height for parking lots and such ...
  20. looks very similar to the citroen btw.
  21. what other cars are you thinking of?
  22. this is what i was adamant it was going to look like from the test mules
    better late than never
  24. the enzo had a button to lift the front end for speed bumps

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