Porsche Panamera TV Commercial (with classics)

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    I just found this commercial on google, pretty awesome with all the classic racers.
  2. wow porsche use to be soo cool. Which is clearly evident in that vid
  3. Awesomecommercial until they show that ugly thing called the Panamera
  4. i wish i can have all of the cars in that video, well except the panamera
  5. Would be so much more awesome/appropriate if it was an advertisement for the new GT3 RS.
  6. pretty much every advertisement gets cooler with a GT3 RS.

    and I think this was a great ad. loved that they put all of the super crazy ass cars in there like moby dick and the 917/30
  7. Yeah, my favorite (the 2.1 RSR Turbo) was in there too. The tree thing at the end was pretty cool too.
  8. Everyone loves to hate on the Panamera, but I get the feeling it's just the popular thing to say. I love it. There you go, I said it.
  9. I used to hate the car until I drove the Turbo. Also, what's even more amazing is that the commercial was filmed at an airstrip.
  10. Buddy, there is nothing wrong with you. It tells you judge beyond looks. Repeat my words: I AM AWESOME! And now let me give you a hug!

  11. Ferrari/Shell commercial was better. But nice.

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