Porsche Tuners: Who is king?

Discussion in '2001 Sportec 911 Turbo Stage 4' started by 550_Maranello, Aug 9, 2002.

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    since no tually listening to what anyone is saying, i say it doesnt make any differnce, oh and the best tunner for porsche is by far ruf
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    Of course every car can be made better, but there is only so much performance you can use on the road, so it is of course RUF, because it has all the performance you need, but you wont come home sweaty and tired from going for a good blast
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    I still am a loyal fan of RUF, even though this might be more powerful. RUF built the fastest car in the world in 1987!

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    Gemballa is best in my opinion.GTR 750 Evo has 854 horsepower and was the fastest carat the GP tuner challenge.
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    My first post still stands I think. I'm very much a believer in the "Sleeper" philosophy meaning I like cars that look completely stock (aside from rims maybe) but have the ability to walk all over you when need be. That's is why I think Sportec is a good company because they don't add a bunch of body pieces to the car just to try and be different than the competition. If you like that sorta thing so be it, to each their own, but I like sleepers alot. Also, I just recently read an artical in Road and Track and they tested the SP700 which is Sportecs version of the GT2 and has 700hp. Sportec is entering the US Market in 2004 so they invited american car magazine reporters to test a few of their cars to get a taste of what's to come. They mentioned that a swiss car magazine tested the 650hp version of the Sportec GT2 and they went to 60 in 3.4 in a RWD car. not bad with that kinda power spinning the rear tires. Porsche did a really good job of making the GT2 able to put its power to the ground considering the only change Sportec made to the drivetrain is clutch/Flywheel and a new LSD. I imagine the 700hp version can do it in maybe 3.1-3.2?
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    Anyone who can do this kind of things with a Porsche (the most refined car in the market) is a genius. I like all of them.
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    this looks so nice plus the mods are amazing... great tune

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