Porsche vs Ferrari

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  1. - Cramming like 30 Porches into one class in LeMans isn't that impressive imo. I'd like to see them take a shot at the top racing league...F1, not just as an engine supplier either.

    Ferrari for me I'm affraid as I grew tired of Porche styling long ago and I believe I'd have more fun driving around a track in an F430 than most(not all) of Porche's offerings.
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  4. So many Porsches are crammed into LeMans BECAUSE they are hot cars. So yes, they are impressive. In MY opinion, F1 is boring. Those aren't real cars, they're go-carts. As far as styling goes... the 430 IS badass.
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  7. nobody doubts italian style. but the truth is that ferrari is making cars based more on how much of a status symbol it's gonna be. sure they got thechnology. racing history. sure.... but they have made mistakes that no self-respecting company does (have you seen the station wagon version of the 456gt ordered by the sultan of brunei?) i go with porsche. all the way. the 911 alone is a legend in automotive history. do i have to mention the GT1? or perhaps the 917, 935, 959...etc, the countless wins in endurance races?
  8. "but they have made mistakes that no self-respecting company does (have you seen the station wagon version of the 456gt ordered by the sultan of brunei?)"

    Pininfarina made them, not Ferrari. Also that program spawned few cars and most of them are still in Brunei / or locked up. They had exactly 0 impact on the brand - apart from using them as tech labs.
  9. here was me sitting here hoping for a flame war... oh well, i still got to read this. i bet this guy likes the work of Garage Affolter
  10. Porsche.but my favourite cars are the F40(so fast,even for nowtoday's standarts) and F50(best engine sound ever).
  11. well both are probably the top marques of the world but my vote goes to porsche. when it comes down to shear winningness porsche takes the cake with some 23,000 plus victores for the marque. i am sure ferrari also has a lot of victores to boot about as well. in endurance raceing porsche is untochable. le mans 24 hour- 16 over all victories; daytona 24 hour-18 overall victories; sebring 12 hour- 17 overall victories. targa florio- 11 overall victories. dont forget the numerous other class wins and 4 monte carlo rally victories, 2 paris-dakar wins some 14 makes and championship titles, 3 straight formula one championships with mclaren and 20 european hill climb victories. history wise it is my opion that Dr. Ferdiand Porsche was a greater car designer and enginer than Enzo Ferrari was. after all Ferrari first used alfa romeos while dr. Porsche designed the auto union type a c and d and the world reacord auto union that achived some 260+MPH on the autobanh. lets no foget that Dr. Prosche made perhaps the most famous car in the world. the Volkswagon Beatle. one plus for ferrari is that he was able to dominate so early in his carrear. after all ferrari's won overall lemans and grand prixs while prosche only won class victories. another plus for ferrari is the way in wich they have dominated Formula one while using all ferrari componets (chassis, engine, drivetrain, etc...). which i consider the highest form of auto racing. one fact to note of porsche is that they have also raced and won in more catogories than ferrari. for instance gorup c, group b rallying, production catogorey etc... production car wise both marques had made some of the most beatufil cars ever known to man, but this is purely subjective. the great cars that spring to mind are of course 911, 959, 962 280GTO, F40, F50. both have remained long time rivals with the 959 vs f40 and 911 vs f355,f360,F480. they have both been pioneries in using bring racing technology to the street. prorsche is the king of the Flat 6, ferrari the king of the V12. both have thier die hard fans and fanboys as well as car haters. what it all boils down to is that we are lucky enough to have two names synomis with auto racing, domianice and greatness.
  12. I agree with Ferrari's being more status symbols more than anything, except the hardcore closest thing you can get to a race car ones.
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  14. porsche for relability, enginerring and more

    Ferrari for beauty, and just plain awesomeness.
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  16. Porsche > Ferrari
  17. Porsche.
    I like them better.
    Plus they don't rely on some other companies in order to exist,
    would'nt want Fiat to be in charge of my cars...
  18. Ferrari is much better than Porsche, have you ever seen a Porsche in F1 no! and this is because Porsche cant even compare to Ferrari in speed! The Porsche is for peeps with more money than brains Dont get me wrong nice car but outa date!
  19. Porsche was in F1 you #$%#ing dumbass. If anything you prove Ferrari fanboys are retarded.
  20. I couldn't decide. To me, they're both a different form of high performance car maker anyway, so I can't really compare the two.
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