Porsche's future Bugatti buster?

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  1. hi look nobody can predict this cars capability as porsche now have a controlling share in The Volkswagen Audi Group allowing it access to bugatti and all other assets therefore they could produce any idea they want and make it compete
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    Yes, i don't think alot of people even thought about that. That thought of a porsche competing against a car company that it might own.
  3. "The more a car weighs, the higher it's top speed will be due to stability.

    If the Veyron weighed less, it would not have as high of a top speed."

    So if we knocked of 200kg of the veyron, kept the same power same gearing, it would have a slower top speed?
  4. I'm arguing yes.

    Edit: I could explain it quickly, and simply if you'd like me to. Much quicker and simpler than the novel I wrote before.
  5. Imagine if the Veyron weighed only 2lbs.. the smallest gust of wind from beneath or from the side would send it flying at 200+mph. It's not that the added weight gives it more power or anything, it just makes it safer to drive faster. If it weighed 1000000lbs then you wouldn't have to worry about downforce at all but it would take too much power to move it. You need to find a compromise between the two so that the car is heavy enough to keep it down at max power.
  6. you dont need weight for that but downforce created by aerodynamics...
  7. It gets to a point where the car weighs so much, or you have so much downforce, that the rolling resistance from the tires becomes the main detrimental factor, and the car's top speed starts to take a nose dive again.

    Edit: Downforce is actually detrimental to top speed in all but the most extreme cases even if it does not increase your drag, because it increases the rolling resistance from the tires. The only time downforce helps in a top speed run is when the top speed of the car is traction limited. I'm sure everyone is sick of this thread though, so I'm not going to get into explaining traction limited top speed if no one asks (in the technical forum please), and I edited an existing comment so I wouldn't bump the thread.
  8. looks like they put C GT body parts on a GT3 lol
  9. I've heard test unlimited Veyrons made repeatedly 262mph~. So, yet the Porsche is miles and miles away.
  10. 2lbs car is impossible
    lighter is better
  11. Can't see this happening for some reason...maybe it's just that I can't see Porsche going Veyron-smashing just for the hell of it...but then again they did build the 959.
  12. no
  13. downforce is detrimental to top speed because it creates drag.

    just remember that rolling resistance is a linear function of speed, and drag is a square function.

    most of the things you have said in this thread sound like you don't know what you are talking abouut.

    do this forum a favour, and stop posting in this thread.
  14. this is only a p´shop of the Gemballa GEMBALLA Mirage GT
    conversion based on Carrera GT <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

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