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  1. I have not done a comparo thread in such a long time, and I am not sure if this one has been done before.

    959 vs Carrera GT vs 997 911 Turbo

  2. Give me the Carrera GT anyday.
  3. Which one we want?

    who in the right mind would take a 911 over a Carrera GT?
  4. I'd be a coin flip between the 959 and the CGT.
  5. 959 hands down.
  8. the carrera gt is something from a different world. I'll have one in black, please.
  9. I'd tune my 911. But that's not an option in this case so I voted the CGT
  10. I love the Turbo, like the 959 but the CGT is God.
  12. devils advocate:

    anyone who buys a ruf rt12..
  13. can't say i like any of those, but i will go for the cgt i think.
  14. The CGT is unremarkable. The 911 is an icon. the 959 is an legend. Give me the 959.
  15. ...unremarkable? wow...
  16. completely.
  17. how so? a mid-engined v10 with over 600 horsepower and tons of weight saving carbon fiber in a design that rivals the most beautiful cars ever? how is that unremarkable?
  18. Carrera GT, only thing I'm not sure about is the color.
  19. not to mention has laid down some of the most rediculous lap times in quite a while.

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