(Posche v. Ferrari v. Lamborghini)

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  1. Lamborghini-Countach
  2. Ok it seams like crap because it doesnt have a great topspeed it not powerful like the Lamborghini or Ferrari. 320bhp isnt supercar performance thats like Corvette performance right there.

    1) Supercars were not made to be a reliable car they were made for speed! and power not to be drivin to work everyday.

    2) thats you opinoin if you dont like it then tuff.
    3) You got personal problem that you need to solve as well as a dominatace issue, you need to take care of that right away.
  3. 1. Lamborghini (Mechanical and sensual orgasm cars: Countach, Diablo, Murciélago...)
    2. Ferrari (Legendary spirit, racing ambiance: Stradale versions, GTO, F40, Enzo...)
    3. Porsche (Rational sportscars: top reliability, but far from the italian glamour...)
  4. How can you be so stupid ?

    How old are you ?

  5. if i met someone as stupid as you in real life, i would do them a favour and kill them.
  6. Shhhh or he'll post the E-thug pic again!
  7. Lambo has a better racing history than Ferrari?
  8. 1) Lamborghini
    2) Porsche
    3) Ferrari
  9. 1) Porsche can be undeniable on track and sometimes performance. But it can definitely be deniable by looks sometimes(lets not concentrate on the Boxster and the Cayenne), the Carreras are very common and people could past by without knowing the car's presence.

    The price is great, but their prices do drop like a rollercoaster, for example you buy a Turbo X50 package for $300,000 AUS and sell it out, it would drop down to $250,000 AU. (Doesn't happen to Lambo or Ferrari) And the CGT (production of 1500 cars, kind of kills your limited speciality doesn't it? Especially when you re-sell the car!)

    2)Lamborghini is unquestionable in performance, the Murcielago and the newly respected Gallardo. Looks hot and sexy, and the price keeps it away from more reachable vehicle, and I'm not suprised the Gallardo is in that safe border.

    3)Ferrari's designs have gone a bit down hill due to the fact that the 612 was released, ugly duckling that was! But the F430 looks very nice though, you have to give credit for that.

    Someone mentioned that the press has overly praised the Enzo, etc, but for performance wise the Enzo is not bad, and on track it is less than 2 seconds slower than the Carrera GT. (The price is a bit naggy, but I don't have deep pockets, and the super-rich perfers the rare, expensive supercar kind)

    But given the fact that the Enzo is more expensive than the CGT, it should atleast have a better track performance than its counterpart. Credit is definitely given to the Murcielago which on track (Motor Mag Oct Issue) is slower merly by less than 2 seconds.
  10. Oh I guess I didn't answer this yet.

    1) Porsche, the most reliable of the three by far, and the most useable as everyday cars, and they're always advancing road car technology, amazing racing history too.

    2) I think Lamborghini has the best styling in the automotive industry, the cars would make less sense to actually own though, compared to Porsche.

    3) Ferrari, I've liked most of their cars over the years, but now it seems like they're practically turning them into real life video games. I definitely don't like their sales policies either.
  11. nop,of course not,i just wanted 2 say ferrari has nothin in its history,just tons of racing history
  12. How is Ferrari's racing history not part of Ferrari's history?
  13. they are on a different time line ~~*@%!!
  14. 1. Lamborghini
    2. Ferrari
    3. Porsche
  15. Ferrari

    It's tough between Ferrari and Porsche both do an amazing job at making cars, but I had to go with Ferrari. Nothing wrong with Lamborghini, but I see them a fair bit lower than the likes of Ferrari and Porsche.
  16. Lamborghini

  17. I think Ferrari would win because it has the Enzo.
  18. How the f*ck is bad spelling an opinion? BTW, you spelled "opinion" wrong.
  19. Dont start argueing over something Stupid!
  20. Vice versa
  21. Exactly, Enzo is not being built for the Le-mans track. and even if a stock Eenzo is used, it will beat a Murcielago R-GT anyday. but Maserati is bringinf the enzo to racing and then my point will become clearer
  22. OK.
    Porsche makes the best sports cars.
    Lamborghini makes the best exotics.
    Ferrari makes the best of all.
    Is this clear enough?
  23. the Murcielago R-GT is a racecar... it'll be faster than an Enzo, but they can't be compared
  24. 1)Lamborghini designs are indeed very cool and they certainly one of the best performers.

    2)The performance of all other Ferraris are not really that good? What are you smoking? Even Enzo's performance is questionable? Where are you getting that from?

    Let me explain how things work... Ferrari and Lamborghini are rivals, meaning that every car they make is build for surpassing the rival one in its class. For example, Lamborghini made Diablo and Ferrari made 550 which is way better. Lamborghini made Murcielago to surpass 550/575 and it did. Be sure that the next F660 (or whatever its called) will be faster than Murcielago as F430 will be faster than Gallardo, which by all means is a better performer than Modena. Its logical that the newer the car the better performs.

    If you think that Enzo's performance is questionable because it has not been tested on the Ring, you better think again. The Germans (Porsche, BMW etc.) have the luxury to develop their sportscars on a benchmark-track Nurburgring. I believe you can understand the difference of a supercar been developed and tested for thousands of hours on the specific track, to another one that was developed & tested elsewhere (Fiorano). The truth is that if Carrera GT runs Nordschleife slower than the Enzo it'll be a huge dissapointment for Porsche. Do you believe that Carrera GT would stand any chance with the Enzo at Fiorano? A good example in this case would be the old rivals F40 and 959, cars with very similar performance. At Fiorano 959 did the fastest lap at 1.36.00 (driver Walter Brun) and F40 would concistenly lap at 1.29.60 (pretty humiliating different).

    3) I agree that Porsches in general lack the status of Ferrari or Lambo but common like a taxi? What are you driving anyway? Porsche has the most wide range of them all. A 911 Turbo, GT2 or a GT3RS is not expencive enough? Carrera GT is definately much more exclusive than a Murcielago anyways.

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