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  1. Yesterday I stumbled across a blivet, its basically a tank we hang on the wing for the pilots to store their gear for cross country flights. If I can remember correctly, its about 8 feet long and around 2 1/2 feet in width, and weighs about 100 pounds. The one I came across is basically worthless to put on the jet, and is prime for use as a 200mph+ shifter cart-powered, I beam-axled, belly tank land speed racer.

    My mind is reeling in the possibilities. I talked to the guys who deal with them, and they said that they're probably going to trash it. We'll see what happens. I'm not sure why I posted this thread, I'm just pumped up about it.
  2. that would be cool, but pointless if you dont live in utah.
  3. Kind of unrelated, but is that a monkey riding a bull? Because that's sort of how I picture this going if you go 200 mph in a blivet.
  4. pics of said tank?
  5. DO IT!!!
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    V8Z, I'm from NC, and there's an event called the Maxton Mile (Maxton, NC) that is ran by the East Coast Timing Association, check it out.


    Max Caddy, I thought the same with the 'Busa engine idea... holy shit... maybe I could make it a 3 wheeled belly tanker utilizing the swingarm and everything? Sweet jeebus... I'm #$%#ing awesome.

    TSCM, I'll have to get pics whenever I go back to work on monday.

    Monkey... don't tempt me!... Actually, any ideas/advice from an engineer?
  7. A busa engine would be hard to fit in a 2 1/2 foot wide belly tank. Probably need a Vtwin of some sort. You could put a BMW flat 4 in it and have the heads sticking out the sides with headers coming off them. Id look pretty badss. I think those bikes are all shaft drive though so that means machining parts to make it work with a rear axle setup.
  8. I have been thinking about doing a land speed record car. I think it could be a really cool project. The rules are open with tons of classes to set a record in.

    The first piece of advice is find the rules and determine what class you want to run in. To determine the class look at the last couple of years results and the current records. See what engines were used by the top runners. Then start looking at what sort of money you want to spend. This should help you determine what class you want to run. You may quickly realize the 1.3l class of the hayabusa would take some serious money to be even close to the pace. A smaller engine class, or maybe even larger, may be significantly cheaper and easier to be competitive in.

    Personally I was thinking of running in the smallest engine class with the open body design. Of course some class that you can run a super common motorcycle engine maybe cheaper than one that needs a rarer engine. Of course if every one runs on alchohol you may want to see what engines have ready made kits or at least something available on the market.
  9. Thanks for the advice, EliseS2. Been real busy lately, but heres a picture of said blivet.
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    EliseS2 pretty much nailed it. Research the different classes and thoroughly plan out the car before getting too deep into it financially. As far as the car itself, research suspension design. With as fast as you'll be traveling, you'll want the car to be ├╝ber-stable and run straight as an arrow. A fair amount of caster and a semi-slow steering ratio will probably be a good thing.
  11. What type of jet did it came off of?
  12. Thanks Monkey.

    RLQ, it came off an AV8B Harrier, but they are pretty much universal (Hornets and Prowlers use them aswell).

    It might be a while till I can get my hands on it. Turns out they're keeping it for accountability purposes only.
  13. cool

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