Possibly the nicest...

Discussion in '2000 Opel Speedster' started by ChargerGuy9, Aug 10, 2002.

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    Kyle's Gay
  2. This is probably the best looking car I've ever seen. The design is so attractive to the eye that it's a treat to look at. Pity they don't import to North America! Anyone who likes this car will love the special version called the Opel Steinmetz Funster, unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Check out the pic.<!-- Signature -->
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    Would still take the Lotus Elise over this because.......well it's a Lotus and this is a Vauxhall.
    Still a crackin' car though with brilliant handling.
    Can't wait for the Turbo version due out in a few months time.....0-60mph in 4.5secs.......NICE!!!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->

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