Possibly the stupidest woman on earth

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by rabbitl1, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Brought to you by Carl's Jr.
  2. stupidest, ugh
  3. shithead.

    that is all.
  4. Other good ghetto names:

    Fi-mal-a (Female)

    Shi-thee-d (Shithead)
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  6. it's his personal responsibility to defend the actions of all black people at all times
  7. i know a dude named Seven
  8. phonetic guide to first name: shih-theed.

    imagine how that's actually spelled.
  9. I know a Chanunska
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  11. No you didn't. Stop lying. You are now formally known as the resident liar here.
  12. Whites are guilty too.
  13. 1. His post is an old joke.
    2. Becuase they think it sounds Afican.
  14. Unfortunately it was not a joke. It was hilarious, but they are real names...
  15. only good "black" joke in the thread.
  16. dont, like, all the names mean something (at least if they're nordic derivatives)? something like Magnus or Olaf maybe not, but may have been borrowed from elsewhere.

    i mean english names are mostly borrowed from so many other places (hebrew, greek, latin, gaelic, french, germanic, etc.) that almost none of them mean anything in english, but certainly other languages still have that. i'd figure norwegian would be one of them...
  17. man this one dude's name is

    First name: an-tye (spelled b-a-r-a-k)
    Last name: cry-stuh (spelled o-b-a-m-a)
  18. HAHAHA, Shaneinei, sounds like a horse
    Starquisha, Shatonya. Holy crap, ridiculous names.

    Id rather be named in Sioux style, like Eats wth Hands, or Types on Keyboard.
  19. middle name a-rab
  20. chief puts the penis in her butt and urinates
  21. ha yes
  22. chee-tohs
  23. Sometimes I watch college football just for the funny names.
  24. thats your middle name, fat America

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