possibly worst car ever

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    Facts of life you should already know:

    None of you are the "smartest guys on the site".

    Technology such as this is paralleled all through the industry already.

    Fuel cells will get faster. Given what you have to go through to get a combustion engine more powerful, one day you're gonna love how easy it is to get this thing to go quick, easily.

    GM haven't left anywhere on the body for easy customisation. Thank god that'll change. Trust me, it will. This represents a collection of luxury space, aerodynamics and sheer necessity. No soft edges on this as it were.

    The wheels are ugly, but don't worry. By 2020 wheels don't be an issue anymore. Think nanotech driven plastic muscles in the shape of elongated torii.

    No, I didn't go to MIT. But I'm not 13.

    My 3000GT owns you and all your stangs. 5.3 secs to 60m/h, baby.

    The fuel for this car is cheap, so one day all you 13 year olds will find it eays to visit your girlfriends. I remember when I had to work just to get petrol money. Stop complaining, this will get you laid.
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    i saw this car at the auto show and it actually looked pretty cool. too bad it won't sound good. it will drive by and all you will hear is the whir of an electric motor.
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    this is why you shouldnt do crack<!-- Signature -->
  4. fuel cells are vvery slow<!-- Signature -->
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    The special thing about this car is that it is fast fuel cell tech. the design sucks, but there is definate potential in the engine technology. thats why they call it a concept car.

    my friends SVT Stang will destroy your contour<!-- Signature -->
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    SVT's suck all around. the only real cars are ferraris. but hey, i cant afford one, and most people cant so LONG LIVE TOYOTA!<!-- Signature -->
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    I personally find it funny how almost all you hear on this forum is Import enthusiasts saying how low tech american cars are, and then this comes up, probably the wave fo the future with the diminishing oil supply, and it is made by who, GM an AMERICAN low tech company, funny how that works isnt it.
    By the way, My Z28 will blow away your stang and your contour, and as for toyota, HAHAHAH dont even try that one!<!-- Signature -->
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    thats true about the oil' when we do run out of fuel all your ferraris, stangs and yes sadly, even camaros aint gona move. but our low tec American made no fuel cars are gona be booken down the road. <!-- Signature -->
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    the individual who initially posted this forum is either a fool or just plain ignorant. The AUTOnomy represents thousands of manhours of innovative engineering that will revolutionize the way that cars are designed and manufactured. the constraint of an engine has been removed. the ontire skateboard platform is free space for anything that you want to lock onto it. i dont think many grasp the mind blowing capabilities of this platform. there are no suspension,spare tire, fuel tank, driveline or chassis packaging intrusions. you can build ANY shap onto this chassis. then if you get tired of that one, you go to your local GM dealership. trade in your passenger car body for that of a minivan or any other myriad bodies. on the subject of power and speed elputus2k2, you are apparently a moron. the hydrogen fuel system is a self sustaining electrical power generation system which operates on a DC to AC propultion drive. since it is an electric motor has peak torque at zero RPM all the way through to redline (an artificial number since AC motors have no theoretical redline). Case in point of your ignorance, a 2001 SVT Contour, smae as yours, fresh from the factory has a zero to sixty time of 7.2 seconds, while the GM EV1, released in 1998, does it in 7.3 secs. hmm. no pollution and acceleration. how about that?<!-- Signature -->
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    A lot of people that post messages in these forums say a car sucks just because they dont like the look of the car or how fast it can go. GET OVER IT! I recon this is a great car with limitless possibilities in the future. and just becasue the fuel cells might be a little slow at the moment, doesnt mean that they are going to stay slow. The scientists and engineers are working on making these engines faster and more affordable. who know in a couple of years the owners of these originally shaped cars might be kicking your butt on the road...
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    hey wohho... i think you spent just a LITTLE too much time at MIT

    anyways. no im sorry i dont care if this car saves gas, and has a joystick, i dont want it. not saying that i wouldnt need a fuel celled car. but really now people think about it, are we all gonna give up on internal combustion? hell no! i forsee a more gradual trend. a car with fuel cells (NOT THIS ONE) would be my weekly commutor. and on the weekends when i wanna cut loose, well that's what my performance cars are gonna be for. i think that this car is gonna be popular around the time i die, we're going to see more and more hybrids weening us in, and then to yank the engine but keep the car, then onto this. from here? *shrugs* ur guess is as good as mine
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    This car is not (and should not be) made for anything high performance other than its supposed gas mileage. Sooner or later, there will be a gas shortage, and everyone won't know what to do. That's where the fuel cell comes in. Sure, a Mustang, Camaro, even a Contour could take this, but that's not the point of the car. It's a concept car to make the point of pointing out a possible alternative fuel source in the future.
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    Have any of you heard of the KAZ it is a Battery/fuel cell MINIVAN That will do 193mph and has 450hp at the rearwheels So anybody who says fuel cells are slow is a fool.
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    This car may look a little different but it is the wave of the future.<!-- Signature -->
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    you sound like a bunch of 12 years old arguing about things they barely know...
    uhm well probably you actually are a bunch of 12y/os after all...

    what you guys don't realize about this car is it proves several things:

    - America can again revolutionize car manufacturing, it has happened before, and it seems it will happen again, think about it... oh you all make all those claims about the "so-high tech jap cars and the low tech americans" I think you should go back in history and check that most of the car technology today has come either from the US and Europe, Jap car makers have barely ever made a breakthrough in car history other than being famous for their cookie-cutter techniques...
    - You guys always think of alternative fuel engines as... slow motion things, golf carts and so, well, think GM Ev1 from a few years back, sure it never sold well, but it did 0-60 in 7.0 s and had a drag coeff of 0.19... the best thing Jap can do is 0.26 btw... also if you look at the beginning of the car industry cars were powered from everything from steam to electric engines... and yeah the combustion engine came around as well and pushed many others out of the arena, but guess what, it was by no means the most efficient way of moving things out there, its just that back then there wasn't the technology and the knowledge that we have today. Why do you call this car slow? Have u actually driven it? and I bet that by the time you guys are 50+ y/o there will be a lot of fuel cell cars in the roads and just like it happens with combustion enginestoday ...fuel cell engines will power everything from econoboxes to exotic cars.

    technology is moving guys...

    so i guess u guys should do some research before arguing about something you don't even know...<!-- Signature -->
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    ivanhoe and wahho, you two may be some of the only smart people on this site. and anyway, our esteemed freind the contour freak proabably only posted this to see what kind of a reaction he would get, much like all those people who go and say mustangs or vettes suck only to spark some far-fetched controversey. you all have to realize when inane people like this are just trying to see who will talk to them... leave them to their contours.

    and by the way, you can never spend too much time at MIT...
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    This car is pretty damn good looking. The vey cool thing about this car is the hydrogen. Hydrogen powered cars have one by-product, water. Equaling possibly in drier regions a little bit more water to evaporate and form rain, farfetched i know. Hydrogen fuel cells are used in buses in Chicago and Canada, they are reliable, except for the boom part. I love high performance cars, but if i had to commute every day, 100mpg sounds pretty good.
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    when the combustion engine first came out the horse and buggy was alot faster with a much quicker 0 to 5 time than any car built when they were first being produced 0 - 10 un heard of with the combustion engine do you think the very first car did 0 - 60 in 5 seconds like some cars today NO the horse and buggy people were saying the same things about the car then that you say about this now the last estimate was that we have at the most 50 years of fossil fuels left one of the sollutions they came up with to extend that is to remove any vehicle that gets less than 20 mpg lucky for us we have bush in office who doesnt care about the environment so i get to drive my bronco for a few more years but what when someone like gore comes into office and when all the civilized nations come to decied on the fuel problem he goes with them instead of against them like bush did already when he said he wants to see more research then started pumping more oil in alaska
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    Oh yeah.. and the "hydrogen means more water for us" guy...

    The hydrogen COMES from water. Not really a positive tradeoff in terms of swimming pools. Don't worry, desalination is already a multi-billion dollar industry. There'll be plenty to go around.

    On top of that it's far cheaper to tank a load of water over than a load of gas. Just think what's involved in stopping all that petrol igniting and following various safety laws. Hell, who even needs to tank it? Water pipes don't tend to explode.
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    That Tzero is badass. I suggest you all check it out. . . sub 5 second 0-60, quarter mile in the 13. That's fast for an electric, no? too bad it's probably pretty expensive.<!-- Signature -->
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    Possibly the start of the best cars ever. This car has contours. It looks good. More importantly, this car is the future. These cars may not be Formula racing cars, but one day they will, very soon. I don't see anything wrong with this car, or others like it. I can only see good things. Fuel cell cars are better than the old style cars. Don't get me wrong, I love my cars, all of them, it is just time for change.
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    This car has the tech of future, and i am sure the body was design for a special reason, I mean a technology that would cost so much for GM, surly they would rather spend abit more for the body. Any way I am a ford man, but i Give this good concepte to GM, keep it up
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    this is retarded, if it was a JAPANESE company, i'm really sure MOST of you would say stuff like "wtf is that piece of crap" or something. don't deny it. btw, mercedes and honda are also working on fuel cell cars, but who cares huh.
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    My main problem with this car is that with its electric motor, i do not see many possibilities for an indivdual to make their car faster.

    With a gasoline engine, most upgrades allow for more cooler air to be let into the engine, with the electric motor those would not be necessary.

    Also, as cool as the car looks now, there have been concepts for years that look similar to this, and almost none of them have been put into production. Although current cars do seem to be leaning in this direction, and this body style may become a reality in a few years.

    The only car i can think of that would be cleaner than this might be the RinSpeed Advantage R, which runs on kitchen and garden waste, and is still fast.

    http://www.supercars.net/cars/2001@$Rinspeed@$Advantage%20R%20Concept.html <!-- Signature -->

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