Post a picture of the car you own.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Unspoken Words, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. liar
  2. sikk ride tho man, how many horquespowur does it have?
  3. it has 507 so far
  4. man how many hp does ur supra have?
  5. liar
  6. whatever dude, i believe you, no one is pathetic enough to go through all that length to make up a stupid story for an internet forum.

    what mods do you have/are planning on doing?
  7. But that's quite a bit more than the original 96 supra, how much psi?
  8. Almost the same car as James May in Topgear America episode!
  9. i want one of these/something like it/big boat cadillac

    how much can you pick a decent one up for nowadays?
  10. Oh hey! my newer version just grenaded
  11. They're reasonably cheap. I've seen poor condition ones go around for a 1000 dollars and good ones like mine for 4000.
  12. Oh right now you can get babied ones for like 1k in great shape
  13. decent

    are there any models that are more huge/boat-like, or is this the model with the most boatiness? lol

    I really know nothing about Cadillacs
  14. Get a Caprice 9C1
  15. too modern
  16. Cadillac Eldorado Fleetwood is pretty boat-like too.
  17. oh gosh lol

    72 Fleetwood
  18. Czech your PM inbox if you're interested in Cadillacs
  19. What years are you looking for? That Caddy is about as old as the Caprice...

    The 9C1 was available from 1986 until the end.
  20. Ideally I want something late 60s/early 70s. the Brougham looks 70s to me... i duno!

    american car design lol
  21. Oh, you're gonna pay $$$ for those. I remember you asking about Towncars before. A better barge for your money is to be found coming from the 1980's.

    Also, how much are you looking to spend?
  22. 80s are just so UGH

    i'm not talking pristine and shit - just has to be a decent runner. if the bodywork is shot then meh.

    Find me examples!
  23. How much money plox?
  24. I won't know until i know what's out there! lol

    just show me what kinda shitty condition (but still roadworthy) ones are fetching
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