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  1. How can anybody wear shoes with no socks. Ugh. The stench must be brutal
  2. how do you know he doesnt wear socks
  3. After thurough pixel enhancement, and several CSI filters, I can see he isn't wearing socks.
  4. Because he also has his shirt tucked in and no belt. These two infuriating features often travel together on the same semen filled vessel.
  5. thats because youre gorgeous
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  6. at least he's not wearing timberlands
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    Lol. Shut up Woot. You have no part in this. Dammit.

    P.s. for the record, they are Redwings
  8. Here. No timberlands in this one. 2016-07-07 13.04.11.jpg
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  9. [​IMG]
  10. Schizophrenia?
  11. How many Affliction shirts do you own?
  12. Um scuse me. I don't own affliction anything. It's all ed hardy, dude bro.
  13. Ah, totes.
  14. Seriously though I have an American Eagle waffle shirt on in that pic
  15. do you have a chest tattoo
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    My whole upper body is tattood. On my chest I have my last name and all my kids names. My left arm is modified Asian style tattoo. Based on a Japanese story of three brothers. Which I have two brothers so it's a sort of tribute to them and I. My right arm is a tattoo of Anubis and an egyptian setting. I gave the artist freedom on it. So it's what he came up with. My back is an exact copy of the tattoo my brother had. And I had it copied after he passed away.

    The anubis tattoo is a work in progress.
  17. Some of you still haven't posted one. get the fuk on it!
  18. Yeah this is hilarious
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  19. I'm getting another haircut again pretty soon (my second this year!). Maybe tomorrow. I'll put another pic up probably maybe .
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  20. I am getting hair cut this week sometime as well. but I think I've posted enough of myself so far.

    I still win the photo posting competition anyways after posting my exs titty pics on here a few years back. they got v3d or I may have looked em up.
  21. haha, haircuts are so 2003

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  22. i cut my own hair
    it shows
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