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    Yes it's called the clear slider. I designed it myself..... it's originally designed in paper. It's a 500hp w12 saloon car.......
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  2. I thought it was a V12 rotary turbo...?

    I will post a pic when I take a selfie or find one that pleases me.
  3. Boo-Ya!!:eek: DSC07736.JPG
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  4. Proof if ever it was needed that the fountain of youth is actually in Québec.
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  5. For a 53 year old man, he sure looks good! No white hair.

    AND NO!! I don't use any "stuff" on my hair, gang of jealous people.:cool:
  6. Beer and poutine= fountain of youth.
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  7. Ah man! You just gave away my secret.
  8. Tabarnak, j'ai tout baiser. Je te prie d'excuser mon erreur.
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  9. Most recent pic from our engagement shoot. Oh also I'm engaged. hay

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  10. Many Congtars!
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  11. Congrats Leo!

    Is engagement photography a thing in America?
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  12. Proof you don't work hard enough :p
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  13. No because w00t is a mean bully and will photoshop my picture into something silly like a Vietnamese prostitute.

    And not a good one, maybe only like a 50 000 dong one.
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  14. pm me ur pic
  15. But you're even meaner!
  16. i cri evrytiem i talk 2u
  17. There already is a picture where you look like a Vietnamese prostitute...
  18. Like this?

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  19. This is the one I was thinking of.
  20. His skin is as smooth as Putin's buttcheeks
  21. ;___;

    I h8 you
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  22. Post one you actually don't mind and I'll use that one instead
  23. Look at those lips
  24. This is the most recent (and only) one is this inappropriate pic from winter... a dTunk skype session. It was one of two photos on my photo booth, the other one being Asher's bee shirt from ages ago. I don't take selfies and I don't have a phone with a decent camera! Or a decent camera!

    I fell asleep in the sun yesterday and I'm red like a tomato. Not gonna take a pic now!

    skank.jpg shirt (kopio).jpg
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