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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by IdoL, May 9, 2016.

  1. I'm going to go to Finland just to take a picture of you.
  2. Vous êtes excuser, Monsieur. :D
  3. harka why does a woot photoshop hurt you so
  4. That ain't no photoshop
  6. Well some app to make the eyes and mouth disproportionately large.
  7. Coz I'm sensitive. Delicate like a flower.
  8. Yeah I thought something was up with it. The original pic is better
  9. skin as thin as it is smooth
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  10. Pretty normal. Usually engagement photos are used for the invites and at the reception.
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  11. Have a while to post a pic of myself here or take a "selfie", so here ya go
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  12. I added mascara and lipstick too
  13. What up old friends! Here's a shitty crop of me next to a sweet cactus @ Balboa Park in San Diego last month. The whole thing is massive but we're still limited to 2MB it seems. 20160513_192335.jpg
  14. looking swole bruh
  15. Which is American for schwul
  16. A beautiful man
  17. Leg day, don't skip it :p
  18. Pshh you mirin, bruh. Gotta hunt for gains like that.

    Cactus is fucking cool. Would want outside my house to keep ghettos, chavs, and Jehovas Witnesses away.
  19. Not much of a collage yet, but we'll get there :) Untitled-2.jpg
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  20. Where's the pic of the member called Veyronman?????
  21. You had plenty of time to wash your hair.

    Also I have seen your dick so that shy thing is a lie.
  22. Unsurprisingly homogenous, haha.
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  23. Ughhh so much time has passed since then.

    I don't like pictures of myself.

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