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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by IdoL, May 9, 2016.

  1. I really haven't seen anyone with a denim jacket like that in decades. The photo quality looks like it's from those early printing photo booths.

    My picture has been there for over a week............
  2. I don't like Montmartre if you want to meet and discuss watches, I propose Opera Havre Caumartin railway station in the evening if you don't mind.
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  3. Your pic is long overdue
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  4. Most recent photo of me (obviously I'm the bald guy with the beard): 13133345_10153503902837093_5225787619051877853_n.jpg
  5. bro hes foamin
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  6. no hoverhands to be found here
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  7. Is that Crocodile Dundee?
  8. Nah. I think that's Peter Melican.
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  9. Get fucked! I know Peter Melican, too!
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  10. Vman seriousement
    Seriously if you don't poast a picture very soon I'm going to pop over and take a photo while you're sitting on the toilet
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  11. He better come up with something cause if he don't, Captain Zap! gonna make a reappearance like it or not
  12. whats wrong with montmarte its got the best vibe and most honest food in the city
  13. SEABEE & Basman need to post a picture
  14. yeah they totes do
  15. [​IMG]
  16. From tonight's dinner with the wife and kid.

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  17. Here's a pic I see of Vman on Facebook. Well I think it's him.

  18. I've lost weight since then. Looking kinda gaunt at the moment.

    Thankfully I don't live in that house any more, either, Ignore the unfinished painting
  19. You care too much about the details. We wouldn't have noticed any of that by ourselves.
  20. Thx but he still has to poast one. That's like 5 years old.
  21. Veyronman.jpg

    I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow at 10am
  22. just cut it yourself with some clippers

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