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  1. i barely know how to use snapchat
    how do ifollow your snaps
  2. My phone died. So here's a photo from two years ago of me looking all smug because I had a working phone.

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  3. Many of us really do look like sex offenders...

    Hemistage's photo looks like a mugshot of a Warsaw Pact spy captured in 1975.

    Baklava's photo looks like something taken on board of a fishing boat in 1960.
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  4. Well it was taken near the ocean so i smelled like fish
  5. Best photo here imo
  6. image.jpeg Me riding home realizing I will be a cager soon...
  7. Baklava looks like every comedic relief foreign cab driver in every action movie ever.
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  8. So, I've always imagined what all of you had looked like before as I've never seen pics of any of you until now. So, I thought it would be fun to post captions. Naturally I didn't do myself because it wouldn't be funny.
  9. Haha I look pretty munted
  10. I would totally drive a cab if it didn't pay so badly.
  11. Rs4man really does look like Hollywood's version of a German bad guy.
  12. Do you still have the Mercedes?
  13. Pic

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  14. What ethnicity are you?
  15. Mexican
  16. half generic white mix half filipino
  17. Right, i see it now.

    Do you fancy balut?
  18. never had it but i like to think id try it if it was offered to me
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  19. +1!! Made me laugh. :D
  20. What would Hitler say
  21. I suppose that the guy from a herpes medicine ad is better than a school shooter

    And I'd definitely watch a herpes ad with you spit roasting some slags
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  23. idc what he thinks everyone hates him
  24. like you even know everyone
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