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  1. make a poll then
  2. I think he prefers Jäger shots and Coors Light

  3. And he clearly is a commie and an atheist. His avatar features a commie saying "no god" ffs.

    This is the kind of atrocity that happens when races are allowed to mix!
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  4. ill make a poll when this site has 7 billion active users
  5. Says the guy with a 狗 as his girlfriend
  6. thats not very nice
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    haha srs? TBH I don't have a picture in mind of how a generic German bad guy looks like.
    DIGGS and the timberland ad was pretty good or dahldrin and his wine knowledge
  8. [​IMG]
  9. holy shit
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  10. My officemate is Filipino, but he says pillippines, instead of phillippines. Is everyone else saying it wrong or is he just stupid?
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. I really know very little about wine. There are far worse things that could be said about a person, though.
  13. Yea. Like that Coors Light thing.
  14. is he the first filipino youve met?
    if you want to do a decent filipino accent take every F sound and make it a P
    i dont really know if theres too much more to it than that, im not great at accents
    i wish i was because i think theyre funny

  15. As far as I know yeah.

    I've always wished I had a talent for at least accents, but real impression is best
  16. I would have added you to my captions, but you look like a pretty important guy in a drug cartel, I'm pretty sure that's a gun holster you've got on, and I don't want to die.

    It's only because of the headphones. Something about white people wearing those while making faces makes me think of kids shooting up schools.

    It's all in good humor. I'd rather enjoy if someone would caption me and add it. :)
  17. No but I still technically have the 2002. It's just out of commission at my moms house In San Antonio now
  18. I'm not sure if it's an insult or not. Haha
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  19. Just taking the piss like everybody :)
  20. I'm gonna take it as a compliment. Timberland ads always feature manly men with a sexy want in the back ground. So I think that positive. When comparing to the pedophile mugshots. And one of the bad guys from die hard. Haha
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  21. Can't really take comparisons to school shooters as compliments... I am deeply insulted.

    What kind of savage does he take me for? I'd definitely use sarin instead.
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  22. Don't be insulted. It was meant in the nicest way..........please don't shoot all of us
  23. Perhaps I should try this outfit one day. These sunglasses is the key to find.
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  24. nyahhh

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  25. You look like cb but with a beard and glasses

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