Post favorite childhood board game

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Mott Power, Dec 11, 2008.

  3. Chess

    I stopped playing once I started getting my ass handed to me by adults and really good players my age.
  4. Mouse Trap
    Ghost Castle
  5. #$%# YES
  6. anyone else have this piece of shit?
  7. Hahahahahaha. No surprises there.
  8. Monopoly and LIFE were my favorites.

    also Mouse Trap was always exciting to set up, but i dont think we ever actually played the game.
  9. Random. That's the word that comes into my head whenever I think 'monopoly'. What?
  10. It's all luck. Whoever lands on the rich group of properties first (the ones right before Go) wins every time. It's barely more strategic than Snakes and Ladders.
  11. totally wrong. i play monopoly very reguarly with friends. i always claim the orange one and manage to win with one street.
  12. The basic concept of monopoly is very good, but the execution is poor. I'd like to play a well through out economics game.
  13. oranges and pinks rule all
  14. ????? you can buy out players or merge together, trade places for money / other places, you have mortgages....seriously dandyboy, what the #$%# do YOU want?
  15. oh yeah "hotel" is amazing too.
  16. There's WAY too much chance in the game. No one roll of the dice or card-draw should have the huge impact they do in Monopoly.

    Of course an economics game is always going to have some element of chance, but it needs to be balanced so that strategy clearly prevails. See: Risk and Axis and Allies for game that do this right. Luck prevails at the micro-level, but the macro game is all about strategy and skill.

    I'm sure if I browsed around BoardGameGeek or whatever I'd find much better balanced economics games than Monopoly, which was a novelty game in its time, and extremely old (from the Depression IIRC)
  17. someone mustve slapped you around as a kid.
  18. stew is a textbook bullied child.

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