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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ETB4U, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. How do you guys do that?
  2. On the link you posted, hold image down and press copy image link
  3. Probably my favorite meme this year

  4. Well most of you might have seen this one before but I think it's funny:

  5. Meh

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  6. EDIT: this is more cringe than funny. I can't get through the first 20 seconds.
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  8. Unlike Scentless Apprentice said, not all polandball comics are shitty. I mean if you do not find this funny in any way, you are seriously lacking in the humoure department (and possibly some other departments as well):

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  9. I win this thread.

  10. Woot
  11. ugh, god. all the furries are definitely single.
  12. But how is that picture of w00t funny?
  13. It's woot. Leopard print flat brimmed cap and all
  14. Just teasing woot 2016-07-04 10.05.21.jpg
  15. that corn drill one makes me wince.

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