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    Throwback Wednesday:
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  2. i relate to that last one. if ive started doing nothing its too late to start doing something
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  3. I get odd looks when I take vacation at work and when they ask my plans, I tell them nothing. I'm literally going to do nothing because I can.
  4. Last two vacations doing nothing, I need to do something on next one.
  5. Lol that wing

  6. That looks absolutely retarded
  7. They should paint that wing with trololoo faces. :)
  8. make fun of it all you want but its in first place
  9. We used to talk a lot about slaying goths here, back in the day.
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  10. This Chuck Norris film came from tv not too long ago. Wiki revealed this to actually being filmed entirely in Israel, I would not know any better.

    The movie is watchable but not good, trailer neatly covers the thread title. :)

  11. MASSIVE throwback
  12. Katie Hopkins is a fucking garbage person

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