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  1. I thought it was some LARPer or Lord's of the Ring fan.
  2. nah just a right wing media personality, and the original image she uploaded:

  3. She still looks like a Lord of the Rings nerd.

    Lmao 2:34 is so random
  4. One of my favorite YooToob channels

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  5. I laughed so much that I peed a little.

    "Rehabilitation centre for those whose rectums have been ruptured"
  6. Ever wondered if cats still land on their feet in zero gravity? Well, wonder no more.
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  7. Murica
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  8. are the rest of you not ashamed to be unamerican
  9. When i read that going to university costs you like 100.000 dollar and taking an ambulance will be like 2000, nah i'm ok.
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  10. But if you use your white privilege, you don't have to pay for it.
  11. Lol this was funny

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  12. There was a university alumni recently in the US who said he'd pay for all the latest graduating class' student loans. In the report I saw they quoted one of the newly graduated people who said they'd amassed over $200,000 of student loan debt, and had a spreadsheet worked out with a repayment plan, with half of their projected salary going to their loan. For 25 years.

    Imagine that. Knowing that half of all the money you earned after graduating was already spoken for, well into your middle-age. It almost makes a degree pointless unless you're going to be earning 6 figures straight out of the gate.

    EDIT: this isn't the article I have cited, but yeah. Can't find that one.
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  13. look love it or leave it there's nothing to criticize here
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  15. What? We can criticize the shit out of this. This sets every one up for failure. People wonder why 80% tradesmen are nearing retirement with no replacements being trained.
    Canada and the Us both spend so much money on bullshit, why are we not paying student debt.
    A simple solution is if you pass with a certain grade we pay the same percentage of your student loan. With exception that everyone over 90% grade is 100% payed.

    I hear constant conversation with my nieces and nephews near graduating/college age that there is no point in going to post secondary because they would make the same amount after paying their student loan every month as they would just getting a retail or skilled labor job that doesn't require any post secondary education and student loan.

    We are killing our own countries future by crippling students financially.
    The average income in Canada for a doctor or lawyer hasn't had a significant increase in many years. Yet the cost of education to become one has increased insanely. How can we justify crippling our students like that
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  16. Didn't you hear? $15 minmwage for errbody! Psshh skool is for losers.
    Also, funding should be provided if the degree is in something useful.
  17. That last part I agree with. It should depend on what you're taking as well.
    Has to be something that can actually give back in a way. Not a course that creates leaches
  18. wow these guys hate are country

    edit: our to are
  19. r*

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