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  1. The number of tea bags I've wasted doing just that
  2. Ninjaneer that shit, breh
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  3. It has been poor summer spotting rainbows. Same goes for lightnings. That good lightning photo is still missing from my to photograph list.
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  4. Funniest post yet!
  5. Who remembers Lado?
  6. Yes sc (234).jpg
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  7. lol he was like, safety supervisor or something for the BP pipeline wasn't he?
  8. Father of a girl who went missing whilst they were on holiday in Portugal 12 years ago.

    Cliff notes: Parents went for dinner. Left their 3 year old daughter on her own asleep. Came back later and she was gone.

    memes these days generally centre around people believing that her parents killed her and covered it up, or similar. There's an interesting bit from the wiki about the dogs the police used. One was trained to alert to blood, and one to cadavers:

    "The police removed the silver Renault Scenic the McCanns had hired three weeks after the disappearance,[147] and on 6 August Keela and Eddie were taken to an underground car park opposite the PJ headquarters in Portimão, where 10 cars were parked, 20–30 feet apart, including the McCanns' and Robert Murat's.[148] Eddie, the cadaver dog, gave an alert outside the McCanns' car by the driver's door.[149][141] The next morning Keela alerted to the rear driver's side inside the boot (trunk) and the map compartment in the driver's door, which contained the ignition key and key ring. When the key ring was hidden underneath sand in a fire bucket, she alerted again, as she did when the bucket was moved to a different floor of the car park.[150] Almost immediately the Portuguese press began running stories that Madeleine had died inside apartment 5A.[151]"

    But yeah, there's way more to it than just that. There's an 8-part documentary about it all that came out this year on Netflix.


    Thomas Cook is/was a British travel agent company that went bust at the weekend after 178 years of trading.
  9. very thorough thank you
    Sounds like an interesting case
  10. Yes, I know, its in Swedish. But I'm sure you guys understand.

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  11. That's racist.

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