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  1. hail corporate
  2. It's just a digital media manager having some fun and gaining virality while at it.
  3. classic hemi. 60% of his posts are gratuitous boob pics.
  4. I like these way more than I should:




  5. Fixed.

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    duplicates removed - Vman
  7. Goddamnit hemi
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  8. Mods
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  9. I was wondering if that would be seen as an overstep of mod power.
  10. Not at all.
  11. jesus christ

    hemi are those funny to you
  12. I know that Veyronman likes to push my buttons as he used to say, I am just kidding with him. There is nothing vilain in those pics. Don't be so sensitive.
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  13. This Boris guy is pretty funny. Takes being a slav to next level:

    Properly lol'd at gopnik city planning tips.
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  14. omg that whole channel is amazing

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