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  1. proportional to what they were yes. but Ford still shifts about 450k trucks a year. GM shifts about 470k and Chrsyler at least 130k.
    the small truck market is whats dying/dead. an "ute" would flop here so hard its not worth the risk. The closest thing to that is the Honda Ridgeline and it really doesnt sell well either.
  2. posh + ute = does not compute
  3. hmmm... check it out, it doesn't look like a traditional work tool:
  4. *sigh*
  5. I do like that.
    I'd probably have it lower though.
  6. Other way.
    Lift kit+bigger tyres/wheels
  7. Hmm, that aswell.
  8. they also offer that from factory here.
  9. Audi A6 2.0tdi (136hp and 170hp)
    VW Passat 2.0tdi (140hp and 170hp)
    Volvo V70 D3 (2.0tdi 5-cylinder, 163hp)
    VW Passat bluemotion 1.6tdi (105hp, might be on the weak side but works just fine for everyday business)

    Hard to see the use for an 4L 6cyl engine for going to the grocerystore.
  10. yet you got a montana instead?
  11. meh, my (2004) petrol 4L six-cylinder Falcon has excellent power/torque, and decent fuel economy for a daily car.

    8.9L/100km (26.4mpg) on the highway.
    11L/100km (21.3) around town.

    182 kW (244 hp) @ 5000 rpm
    380 N·m (280 lb·ft) @ 3250 rpm

    Anyways, E85 and, especially LPG, are so prevalent here in Australia. Theres really no point in Holden or Ford developing 4 cylinder diesels for the ultra cheap Commodore and Falcon, for a while yet.
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    Australia's the same way because they're cool like that.

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