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  1. Prost was fortunate Senna got disqualified at Brazil and had mechanical problems (turbo and gearbox) at Estoril and Jerez. Those incidents really distorted the championship and, IMO, created the illusion Senna was the lucky point system gifted WDC.

    And then he got luckier in 1989.

    Anyhow, Kimi will kick ass in 2007.
  2. I'll love Alonso as soon as he sits in a Big Mac.
  3. And he didn't really had weak team mates.Senna,Arnoux,Lauda,Rosberg...

    edit: He was 17 years old when he began to drive gokarts.
    edit2: he lost the championship in 1983 because BMW was using an illegal fuel.
  4. indeed, but Alonso is such a big twat that he's fair game to everyone
  5. wat how
  6. They both died at the same numerical age...for example...65
  7. lol maybe so but hes impressive as the youngest two time world champion.
  8. I'm looking forward to cheering Kimi on.. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  9. Alberto Ascari (July 13 1918 - May 26 1955)
    Antonio Ascari (September 15 1888 - July 26 1925)

    Both died aged 36, but not on the same date.
  10. i think his team-mate might take the game too him, but im supporting the iceman too.
  11. yeh he didnt die 54 years after his father did.
  12. McLaren will be the disgrace of Alonso as it was for Montoya.
  13. Durnig a sports car test, lemmie try find the whole story on it

    ANother Random Fact :

    During the 1952 season, Ascari set 6 fastest laps in series, an achievement that was never matched and only Michael Schumacher got close in the 2004 season with 5 fastest laps in series.
  14. When you say "in series" you mean "consecutively"

    because the following drivers scored lots of FLs in the F1 "series"

    Michael Schumacher 2004, 10 FL
    Kimi Raikkonen 2005, 10 FL
    Mika Hakkinen 2000, 9 FL
    Nigel Mansell 1992, 8 FL
    Michael Schumacher 1994, 8 FL
    Michael Schumacher 1995, 8 FL
    Nelson Piquet 1986, 7 FL
    Alain Prost 1988, 7 FL
    Michael Schumacher 2002, 7 FL
    Michael Schumacher 2006, 7 FL
    Jim Clark 1963, 6 FL
    Jim Clark 1965, 6 FL
    Nigel Mansell 1991, 6 FL
    Alain Prost 1993, 6 FL
    Jacques Villeneuve 1996, 6 FL
    H-H Frentzen 1997, 6 FL
    Mika Hakkinen 1998, 6 FL
    Michael Schumacher 1998, 6 FL
    Mika Hakkinen 1999, 6 FL

  15. Many Americans don't like Formula 1.
  16. Many Euros don't like NASCAR...
  17. gold!
  18. truth.
  19. The last grand Prix in Holland was in 1985 at Zandvoort. For the ones who thinks that's interesting
  20. In 1982 Felipe Massa had an affair with three seperate individuals, one of which was a man.
  21. Mike Hawthorn won the 1958 Title despite only winning 1 race compared to Stirling Moss's four...
  22. only a few drivers have ever fully lead back to back races, Ayrton Senna was one of them
  23. In the 1982 Monaco Grand Prix four different drivers had the lead during the last four laps.
  24. Wow, who were they?
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