Post Pic of Yourself V2.0..

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by amenasce, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. already posted in fake accounts thread
  2. Taken a second ago in the library at university.
  3. Oi! elp me outa ere yer gits.
  4. I love you, delboy.
  5. the interesting part is that this thread was called post ur pic , lol
  6. We are waiting for you to post your picture.
  7. Where are the engineers pics?
  8. Most recent picture I have was for another forum that had a self portrait contest. The idea was 3D related and I had to like an hour deadline, winner got to choose the next theme.
  9. where is that mountain?
  10. in Turkey
  11. Excuse my off topic and utterly newbie question, but what do you guys refer to when you say "post in the indies"? is that individual car forums or what? Thanks
  12. correct
  13. A smart n00b!
  14. i wonder who's second account he is
  15. Lol,true that. This is my second account but I still had no idea what it was, seemed like common sense but wanted to make sure = ) thanks.
  16. the whole "second account" thing is to do with current members making second accounts and posing and someone else to troll the forums with. i already know you had a previous account but in this context "second account" isn't in reference to your situation :p

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