post pics of exotics on lifts

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by Atomic, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. the other thread about garages gave me an idea

    post any pics of exotics on lifts
  2. I love that Yellow Countach
  3. ohh just out of the subject ... i saw a chopster today !! i coudnt take a picture .. but it was something ..
  4. does it look as weird as on pictures irl?
  5. i dont know .. it looks something that is drawn and just came out of a picture..its smooth ! i didnt get a proper look but ill go there in a couple of days and see if its there and take some pix .
  6. sounds perfect thx
  7. Did you take those white CLS ones?
  8. me too, i think it might be a fake.. maybe?
  9. i took that pic.. hmmm i guess it is real iv seen it
  10. that porsche looks bloated
  11. what porsche ?
  12. Probably the Rinspeed modded Cayenne
  13. Rinspeed just like Ruf is considered a manufacterer
  14. I don't think this is what he means by lifts. I think he means like this. Not that this is an exotic.
  15. Enzo+ Real 250 GTO at FoQ
  16. Thanks for posting those, I didn't want to have to go through my 'archives' to find mine.
  17. hehe, was a fun day. We should go to FoQ together again some time.
  18. Gallardo in the ring...
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  20. Damn, that must suck.

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