Post pictures of your city/town

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  1. which one is your favorire?
  2. ****, I think I just deleted AnnArbors.jpg
  3. (ikeamcdonaldswalmarthomedepot.jpg) x (400 sq. mi)
  4. XD
  5. Milford, CT USA
  6. you guys ahve some #$%#ed up radio station
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    Auckland, New Zealand
  8. fyi foster city is a fake city
  9. Also: i went and watched this slag dump in the summer, its pretty cool to see IRL
  10. Perth, Western Asstralia
  11. I wish i lived in an awesome looking city like that, Downtown Sudbury still looks liek a slum
  12. Vancouver
  13. Have posted pictures of Sydney before so these are just some from up near the local high school.
  14. fUcking Soviet military base
  15. Da Bay Biatch
  16. #$%# BC is so nice. I'm on iPhone or I'd post pictures of kelowna and the rest of the okanagan
  17. quick someone post the pic off wikipedia of kelowna for me.

    I'll give you a gold star
  18. Wow, I never realized that Vancouver was such a major city (that's the first time I've seen it from the air).

    Thanks for posting that first picture.
  19. Almost 3 million population, and a major seaport.
  20. This is actually taken from the Quebec side, and very close to where I live, but across the river is the parliament buildings and downtown of Ottawa:

    Out here in the summer it's flip flops and a wife beater on the CBR600RR
  21. i've got pics of the okanagan from this summer, too bad its just scenery/the revelstoke dam.

    my favourite are the small towns in the kootenys, #3 highway, and merritt area/lower nicola.
    EDAT: in this set we got Kaslo (1,2) Hedley (3) and Oliver, wine capital of canada (4) and if they show up, the lower nicola valley (5,6)
  22. This is the rideau canal in winter (1) the world's longest skating rink, and in summer (2), and an aerial shot of the city (3) and a night shot of the parliament buildings (4)

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