Post some of your coolest car pics

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by superserge, Dec 30, 2007.

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  2. went through the first 8 pages (it's my first time looking at the pics actually) and god damn I'm glad I made this thread
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  5. Love the first pic. I was just messing around with the pic and thought this looked pretty sweet. Damn flyer...
  6. Wow, very nice pics Slayer
  7. thanks. If you got some them up
  8. finally the Gemballa pic in glad.
  9. What year is that Long Beach pic from?
  10. ehh...that would be 1978 my friend

    edit: if you want me to post more old F1 pics, just ask. Not really what this thread is about but F1 cars are cars too
  11. Ah ! Ah ! Ah ! I have some pics but not of the quality of your pics ! The Gemballa is.... awesome, very good job. Is it your job ?
  12. No.12

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  13. which pic? 12 is Jacky Ickx in the 956
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  16. I really like that pic.

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