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  1. I want to see concepts that are WAY out of the box. Things that could barely be considered cars. Post em!
  2. 1989 Oldsmobile Aerotech II

    1987 Lamborghini-Chrysler Portofino

    Citroen CX Custom AeroWing Coupe

    2000 BMW Z22
  3. I love how chrysler actually went ahead and used the protofino design.
  4. 1950 Mercury Custom 'Bob Hope Special'
  5. sbarro and colani.jpg
  6. Anything by Rinspeed.

    1991 Colani Stingray Race-Car

    1989 Colani-Chevrolet Corvette Charisma

    1977 Colani-Ford GT80

    1976 Colani-VW Turbo Polo
  9. those are some pieces a shit
  10. colani sucks so much at designing cars.
  11. 1969 Holden Hurricane
  12. The third picture looks like Frank Gehry designed it.
  13. anyone see the Audi Calamaro concept renderings?
  14. Whoa.
  15. Audi is so badass, they don't even need wheels.
  16. Its great to know that once/if anti gravity technology is refined, then there's plenty of cool looking concepts to stuff it into
  17. I've seen that in person. I thought it was pretty gross.
  18. I love how its designed to provide downforce.
  19. Render of a modern Holden Hurricane
    And a Holden Efijy
  20. That render is absolutely sick.
  21. Yeah, whoever made it is #$%#ing awesome.
  22. lol

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