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  1. ^^
  2. Holden should make another Hurricane concept in similar vein. That would be awesome.

    ..... Then produce it. And then make a HSV version.
  3. I am going with the Mitsubishi HSR line up. Those were technological wonders.
  4. maybe no one cares, though calamaro in italian means squid
  6. some nice concepts
  7. Cars people drive in science-fiction movies which other people watch in science-fiction movies.
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    Gina philosophy
  9. i say the mazda furai is the most extreme(in a cool way) concept car ever
  10. Come on, it is outstripped by the Mitsuoka Orochi which is older - even older than the Mazda Taiki - and a production car. In my view it is the beginning of a special Japanese design line to which the Furai and the Taiki can be traced back.
  11. The Mitsuoka Orochi isn't anywhere near as crazy looking as the Furai in my opinion.
  12. I completely disagree but that makes your point clear. Btw although I find the Orochi design very interesting I find the Furai concept much more likeable. The Taiki and the Furai are among the most inspired concepts of recent years.

  13. 1965 Cadillac Eldorado Fastback

    anyone seen this bevore?

    please post some more!

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  15. 1958 Ford Nucleon
    Twin Steam Turbines and a Nuclear Reactor in the Trunk
  16. What is that in your avatar?
  17. How has nobody posted the Clearslider yet?

    Easily the most extreme concept car ever.
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  19. Which he still has? Aston Martin Lagona Vignale I think
  20. Cars designed by peeing on soap bars in the shower.
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    In which way are those concepts extreme??

    Extreme? Easy: Russo-Baltique X-Streameast and TVR Speed 12!
  22. Lamborghini genesis by bertone
  23. whats a crazy concept thread without a tomahawk

    then its the pontiac stinger from 89

    the lotus extreme

    saab aero x concept

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