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  1. i remember seeing the tomahawk and the saab in detroit at NAIAS, truly amazing pieces of machinery
  2. ya the saab is truly sick. the new saab awd system is absolutely ridiculous. And the tomahawk well viper engine with wheels, whats not to love
  3. I wonder if that took any inspiration from this.
  4. volvo.jpg

    oh wait, that IS the box
  5. 2009 savage rivale roadster
    suzuki gsxr/4
  6. That Audi Calamaro looks extreme. Are they in production?
  7. I hate you.
  8. I do love the GSXR/4
  9. Original was designed by a Chrysler designer.. a year before they even owned Lambo..
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  11. GTFO
  12. It would be so #$%#ing awesome to design a concept car and see it put to life.
  13. that audi wheelless concept is amazing.

    i love anything from the past that predicted that we'd be in flying cars by the year 2000. That's a sidebar from the audi concept!

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