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  1. 2003 mitsubishi CZ2
  2. ^ the above all spawned new cars/brand design language, so they are not really "forgotten"
  3. lol, thats ugly
  4. Actually iam pretty sure that the Treser TR1 went into limited production, it even had its own race series.
  5. Awesome +1
  6. It's cool. What is it?
  7. it did, but they only made like a handful. Its hardly counts as production.

    ALso, the last one I posted is Turchetti Raptus from Italy but ate my message.
  8. Hi mate, long time ago. How are you, do you still have your Rallye?
  9. Pontiac Sunfire roadster concept
    Chrysler Cirrus concept
    Lincoln Marque-X
    Dodge Intrepid ESX2
  10. Chrysler 300 concept
    Bertone Blitz
    GM Opel Twin
    Mitsubishi HSR-III
  11. Hyundai HCD-I
    Pininfarina Ethos
    Honda FS-X
    Ford Focus concept
  12. 1996 Fiat Enduro by Bertone
  13. 2001 Honda Dualnote
  14. very intersting cars.
  15. 1994 Fioravanti SENSIVA
  16. 1988 Panther Solo II
  17. 1994 Bertone Karisma
  18. I'd like to see that Focus concept get through pedestrian safety :p
  19. Look at the #$%#ing wheels on these things... especially the Lincoln. What the #$%# is wrong with these people?
  20. Heres a new model of a forgotten(Sterling/Nova) turned into a amphibian.. Took me about seven years to finish restyling it. Fully skirted undercarriage

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