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  1. Redback Spyder
  2. Help me, please... what is a car?

  3. wow, are you serious, get that shit outta here
  4. 1990 Jaguar Kensington, designed by italdesign
  5. this red CLK GTR is here in dubai its owned by "Al Galadari" i know the owner's nephew !!
  6. this red CLK GTR is here in dubai its owned by "Al Galadari" i know the owner's nephew !!
  7. OMG that is the ugliest jaguar ever, ital have really #$%#ed that one up
  8. For Innotech
  9. I got those pics but htanks anyway. Rad car.
    havent seen you around lately!
  10. Inno, see the KZ1 thread? Christ, I event put ur name in the title!
  11. I need help for name of this car, i know that the car is from slovakia, slowenia, something like "S"..
  12. yes. Its from SLovak Republic. It is called K1 Design Attack roadster.
  13. I still lurk from time to time <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  14. mmm,,I think there are 2 red clk gtr's,, Cause there already was a red CLK GTR b4 they introduced the converted CLK GTR SS,,,and as far as i know,,one of the red CLK Gtr's (im not sure if its the SS or not) is now in Honk was here,,mmm,,,3 years ago,,surprisingly in a boat shop down on sheikh zayed road next 2 ace hard ware store..its closed now,,but it was exported to honk kong a couple of months after i saw it..
  15. I find nice car...
  16. Jiotto Caspita
  17. that car is all the more exotic for its Subaru flat 12/Judd V10 engines.
  18. apparently this falls under that category.
  19. if you wanna see some nice cars try they got nice pics
  20. you could say the same about this site..........

    this is rare cars by the way.....not nice cars

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