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  1. YES !,I know it have 4 wheels and a steering wheel :D ! just kidding don't take it seriousness ^^"

    Well my knowledge about professional modify sports car is so-so.. because their rarity , especially those were built before 2000

    even so, I like this type of sport cars very much..

    so forgive me if I mix-up between these cars


    Anyway , What is the year that Styling Garage Testarossa released ?
  2. 1987 Gemballa Cyrrus

    only 15 were made..maybe less
  3. maybe you're right maybe you're wrong...
  4. maybe you're right maybe you're wrong...
  5. Aah .. guys ! , there is terrible miss understanding for what I said about Styling Garage Testarossa .

    I said it's not so special because it's not so rare.. this is the first time I know about this car.

    I said it about the body work , it's some how ordinary . not as strange & interesting as the Koenig Competition Spider body work.

    even it was more rare than the Koenig

    that's what I meant

    Sorry for the miss understanding ^^"

  6. 1987 Norwood Testarossa
  7. well - You are right and i am lame. it is 512 <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  8. Another photo for 1973 Rolls-Royce Phantom VI Drophead Coupe by Frua
  9. Looks very American.
  10. Seriously, looked like a Lincoln in the thumbnail
  12. Lister Mk III

    Apparently, it has a power of 700 ch
  13. shame theres no front 3/4 pics (and the one mostly frontal shot is almost cutting the car off, needs to move the camera up)
  14. Yes I know ! Next time, i will make better pics !
  15. 1968 Bertone Panther
  16. that car is so hard to find photos of.
  17. anyone know what this is?
  18. anyone know what this is?
  19. wtf, that Bertone Panther used Mercury power?
  20. hertz zhz corvette
  21. thats not ULTRA rare.
  22. its a limited edition and ive never seen one
  23. It is rare, and I've never seen one either, but we may as well post the Shelby GTH Mustangs...same thing
  24. i've seen them in florida and california... just go to a car show.
  25. epic fail.

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