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  2. Lamborghini Countach LP400 Spider "Al Mardikian"

    Al Mardikian, a Californian distributor of the most beautiful and rare European exotics, was surrounded by a controversial reputation, due to the fact that some of the extraordinary cars that he offered to his whealthy clients were not "fully" compliant with Federal regulations ... Mardikian inspired the first scenes of "Rain Man", when Tom Cruise unsuccessfully tries to clear the US customs for a bunch of Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari... In addition, Mardikian created some of the the "Miami Vice" very special sports cars, that remain worldwide famous.

    This LP400 Spider is mentionned and pictured in most books relating the History of Lamborghini, and all enthusiasts know this over-outrageous version of the iconic Countach LP400. It's one of the very few open-top classic Lamborghini, all of which are extremely sought-after by collectors (Miura Roadster Bertone, Miura SVJ Spider, Touring 400GT spider, Pregunta, Raptor...).

    This Countach LP400 #1120262 was delivered on June 14th, 1977. It belonged for many years to Rod Stewart, a well-known Lamborghini enthusiast, who also owned two Miuras and a Diablo. The car was ordered in RHD as indicated in the factory documents ; however, since Rod Stewart was based in the USA at the end of the seventies, the car was then put in LHD configuration.

    First driven in Hollywood and surroundings, this car was re-imported into Europe (London) where it remained until 2002, with the English registration RMK 651 R (R stands for registrations made between August 1976 and July 1977). It remained very probably unused or scarcely driven during many years, before being purchased by the second and last owner, a man who launched a complete restoration of the engine 3000 km ago, by one of the best specialists.

    This automobile is still absolutely authentic, with its period open top and removable roof, completed by detachable side windows enabling an integral "Roadster" configuration.

    The famous sleek shapes of the wheel arches have also remained original : it's a magnificent aesthetical compromise between the pure original shape of the LP400 and the heavier LP400S style, which included a visible separation between the wheelarch itself and the extension. The wheels are the same as on the Bravo and on the very rare LP400S "low body".

    Mardikian had not only created a Spider LP400 but has also modernised it, borrowing the bigger wheels and outrageous wing of the LP400S. The futur owner could easily, whilst keeping the authentich "Mardikian Spider" modification, restore the bodywork to the "narrow" body of the original LP400 "periscopica", from which this Spider was born. The result could be one of the most beautiful car ever.

    The odometer show only 11.800 miles, very probably true, taking into account the number of cars in the garage of the famous owner. Its original condition with some patina, makes it very precious and desirable for any collector.

    This exceptional automobile is a piece of History in the Lamborghini saga : Ferruccio and his Team had always challenged all existing rules with outrageous, dramatic-looking cars. In the sixties and in the seventies, each Lamborghini model was a revolution... This LP400 Spider - one of only two or three period "open" Countach - fits perfectly in the legend of the hyper provocative Sant'Agata thoroughbreds.

    In addition, it offers all the exciting specifications of the earliest and best version of the Countach: 375 BHP, only 1065 kg and 315 kmh (195 mph), thanks to the generous 45 mm Weber - limited to 40 mm for the LP400S in order to "detune" the engine for the average driver...

    Classic Lamborghini are extremely rare in Spider : only two 350 GTS by Touring, 2 open Miuras (the Bertone 1968, and the SVJ Spider, Geneva 1981) ; then the "one-offs" : the Athon prototype, the Raptor by Zagato - currently for sale at 2,750.000 €uros - and the Pregunta (1998).

    The LP400 Spider is therefore a very exceptional classic Lamborghini, and even though it was not officially presented by the firm, it has become a highly fascinating and sought-after collector Lamborghini.

  3. Cute, little M1. ^^ Any idea, what car it is?


  4. Nice "M8" ....or something...

  5. Awasome Vision_K2 ! You have find good pics of the Mardikian Countach !
    Very nice the Countach Turbo Kocan !
  6. It's at Autodrome Cannes... (I guess you know them !)
  7. Pretty sure that's some dodgy kit job...
  8. obviously a ruined 3 series
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  12. This is the Countach Turbo S, one of two ever built, the prototype is missing, so this is the last one. 9000km done, lived in a private Ferrari collection until a Swiss guy bought it who cares and pampers it now. It has a 4.8l V12 with two Turbos which work together with six Weber Double Carbs. Setting that up must be a real joy...Boost goes from 0.7 to 1.5 bar, peak is 748hp and 876nm, 333km/h , 0-100 km/h in 3.68 sec.
  13. which one would you choose ??

  14. 2008 Zagato-Ferrari 575 GTZ Barchetta


  15. 1971 Zagato-Ferrari 3Z Spider

    1974 Zagato-Ferrari 3000 Convertible
  16. Never heard about this 2008 Zagato-Ferrari 575 GTZ Barchetta. More info ?
  17. Zagato made the 575 GTZ a while back. Think it was revealed at Villa D'este. After that a few more were made to order, not sure how many exactly. And after that they made/are making five of these roadster versions. Iirc pics of it appeared in a book about Zagato first.
    I believe all of them sold instantly. No wonder, it's a great design.
  18. Thanks for the information.
  19. Here some Pictures With Design Performance Barramunda

  20. OMG +1
  21. Outside Villa d'Este at Villa Erba in Cernobbio. I don't think I have seen images of this thing in more than a decade.

    Photos by Harry-SZ on FerrariChat. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/cool.gif"></A>

  22. Looks a bit like a rip-off of the Bertone Nivola. I wonder if there is a legitimate connection to the two?

  23. thats a kit car.

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