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  1. MCA GTB and Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR AMG Super Sport.

    The GTB doesn't even exists anymore, the only model ever produced was converted to an race car named the Mig M100 around 1993, 1 year after the car's unveil at the Los Angeles Motor Show. As far as I know, that thing had an monstrous V12 twin-turbo capable of producing around 720 HP, somewhat far ahead from it's time considering it was an street-legal supercar.

    That particular MB model is also unique. Although two CLK GTRs originally received the 7.3 liter engine, this car was the only one to officially receive the "Super Sport" designation. The engine found behind the cockpit can produce 720 HP, making it the most extreme street-legal MB ever produced. Incidentally, this car was for sale on eBay some years ago.

    PS: sorry for the bad English, and Innotech, if you're reading this and still have the scanned Road&Track article of the GTB, please, post it (some pictures above 600x400 res. wouldn't be bad too, specially if they show the car's front). I have been searching for it on the web for a VERY long time =(

    Here's a GTB at Monza.
  3. This is actually a MCA Centenaire prototype stylized very closely to the GTB. It's engine is a Countach naturally aspirated V12 with only 450 HP.

    As I said, the original sole 720 BHP GTB was converted to a race car named the "M100" long ago, few months after the original car unveil in 1992, making pictures of it extremely rare, with no more than 10 around the web I think.
  4. Here is the only car featured on from the Czech Republic. Only one car was produced and was for sale by the owner for $100 000 USD.
  5. One friend just send me a pic of the original MCA GTB from his old poster. He scanned it, definitely one of the rarest, if not the rarest picture in my files, so enjoy!
  6. I have a poster of this GTB also
  7. I wonder where the hell do you guys find that kind of stuff... I mean, this is one of a hellish underground car, which existed on its original state during one brief year. Before my friend shown that poster to me I believed there were definitely no products mentioning this car, besides that old Road & Track magazine and probably some others from Monaco. Did you import your poster from another country or just bought it in a near store? And when?

  8. I think I need to find more info on that car
  9. If you're talking about the GTB, this is all that I can surely say to you. All knowledge below born from a huge pain in the ass of a two-months search after pictures and stats:

    It was the final prototype of the line beginning with the first blue MCA Centenaire, the last being made around 1990 for Prince Rainier of Monaco. That line of prototypes had the intent of serving as inspiration for a production version to come later, but that never happened. Of that line there were the MCA Centenaire, MCA GTB and MCA Beau Rivage. The closest to a production version among them was the GTB, with the planned powerful engine that would appear in the production version, but this one was still an experimental engine.

    The engine was a mid-mounted V12 built by Motori Moderni Engines and designed by Carlo Chiti, former Alfa-Romeo engine designer. The carbon-fiber shell was designed by Guglielmo Bellasi.

    After a year of the car's unveil in Los Angeles in 1992, MIG bought the rights to MCA and transformed the original GTB in the MIG Tako M100, a race car which former MCA original engine was exchanged for a weaker, endurance-focused engine, as they tried to register the car in Le Mans, but it failed.

    Main specs of the original GTB:

    Max power: 720 BHP
    Torque: 730 lb/fts
    Curb weight: 1100 kg
    Traction: RWD
    Acceleration: 0-100 km/h under 4 seconds
    Top speed: 350 km/h (approximately)

    Hope that helped you!
  10. Porsche 993 GT2 1998, the updated one, with an increased previous models engine.

    While pre-1997 993 GT2s had 430 BHP of power, the updated version had 450. Only 20 of these were ever produced, and I saved this picture from a sales site, don't know if it's still there.

    It's the only certified picture of a 1998 993 GT2 I've found in MUCH search, so here it goes...
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  12. it very much did and thank you very much
  13. You have to wonder where the MIG race car is.

    Or indeed where any of them are really. Obviously the Centenaire has been spotted and was for sale a few times in the last few years but there have seemingly been no sightings of the other prototypes for years.

    All locked up in a garage in Russia or Monaco or somewhere else?
  14. The MCA GTB/Centenaire has been my obsession since this site was created probably.
  15. About the Beau Rivage and the M100 I don't know much, but if I am not wrong, there were two race cars made by MIG after MCA sold the rights for them... pretty much the Beau Rivage was converted into one of those also, probably in the same year the GTB was.

    Where they are nowadays I have no clue. Likely as you said: locked up in some god-knows-where garage...

    Fun fact: that blue Centenaire prototype surviving to this day is not the original prototype of the GTB and Beau Rivage's line. It's actually the first Centenaire prototype ever built, originally white in color. It was re-stylized around 2003. The predecessor of the GTB and Beau Rivage prototypes was actually the second prototype, originally blue; offered to the Prince Rainier of Monaco around 1990. You can distinguish both by the interiors and side air intakes: while the first Centenaire prototype had and still have straight-edged side air intakes and red interior, the second had a beige colored one and round-shaped air intakes, along with some different wheel details... if it still survives nowadays I don't know.
  16. Yeah, it is fascinating indeed. It's so common but so odd at the same time. Not to count the sleek and strangely harmonic design... and the ridiculously powerful engine behind it. Seriously, the idea of 720 bhp for a street legal car in 1992 was absolutely nuts.

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