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  1. Some more ultra-rare stuff from Barrett-Jackson in '06, along with some Futurliner in the background.
  2. I saw its twin (brownish copper) at Amelia island last year... another futureliner as well.
  3. I remember that. Plus, there was an assortment of other GM Motorama cars there too, all very nice. I've seen the Futureliner thrice now, the Bonneville concept twice...just not the green one. Ron Pratt (the guy who bought the pair pictured and the Super Cobra this year) is an idiot for paying the money he does though, easily 3-10 times more than any of it is worth.
  4. IT was in original condition... we coulda met though lol you going to amelia island this year?
  5. Not quite. Both the bus sold at B-J and the bus at Amelia used to belong to concept car collector Joe Bortz. He sold one for around less than $100K I believe and donated the other one to the National Automobile and Truck Museum of the United States (NATMUS) in Auburn, IN. The bus you saw belongs to NATMUS, and they have been showing it everywhere. I don't know if I'll make it down this year since I am not at school in Atlanta any more. If I do, I'll let you know though.

    Also, here are some of my shots of the big bus...
  6. dammit, thread is broken.
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    My LS2 V8 Miata is the first and only one posted in the USA.

    There are 6 or 7, LS1 and LS6 V8 Miatas posting in the US with a new LS V8 based conversion kit manufacturer just opening for business in Florida. One slated LS7 V8 Miata project that at last communication, had NOT been started yet.

    There are over 200 + V8 Miatas posting from around the world, most in the US. There are a couple of Cadillac V8s but The majority are Ford 5.0 V8 based and there is a single conversion kit manufacturer in California for Fords.

    Europe and Canada have a number of Buick and Rover V8 Miatas, Australia actually has a car manufacturer that constructs, ground up Lexus /Toyota V8 based Miatas they refer to as "Bullet Cars"

    Thought you might find my photo site interesting. If you click on the sub-album entitled "More High-Performance Projects" you can see other fun projects over the years.
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    Tried to post this before, don't know what happened.

    After 1 1/2 years of communicating around the world with hundreds of V8 Miata owners mostly Ford 5.0 V8 based cars, again most built with a conversion kit, I believe the general concesus is that I have the only LS2 V8 Miata in the World. If there should be another project at least I'm sure that mine was the first one.

    That makes it pretty rare I'd say, what do you think?

    Photo Gallery
  9. Interesing, gold "GM" instead of silver. I prefer silver.
  10. Took this a while back just across the street from my house. Not the best photo. Didn't realize how rare they are. Maybe not "ultra rare", but pretty rare to come across one on the street.

    2006 Audi S4 25quattro Special Edition, one of 250.
  11. thats not that rare.... Under 50 is rare... IMO.
  12. Rarer than an Enzo. I'd say that's pretty rare. Maybe not ULTRA rare, but certainly rare.
  13. and not very known, so it's interesting to see pics.
  14. +5
  15. 1997 Lotus Elise GT1 (ZR1 powered, dynoed at 659hp@flywheel) but i don't know which build number this is, but only 7 were made (including the street car, I believe)
  16. Nice, I do love serious Chevy V8 power in a good handling little car!
  17. Almost every thread I see you in you always mention something that has to do with a Miata with a V8
  18. maybe because hes biased, owns a LS2 V8 miata, and races it and can't stop talking about it?
  19. Guilty as charged guys. I'm 55 and have owned /driven just about every great muscle car there is, classics, sportscars, I've driven insane blown Corvettes and Cobras and this little Miata has delivered more overall fun and smiles than any of them.

    It's totally disrespected on the street as a "chick car" it has some minor respect on the track as a good handling car, but nothing to be seriously contended with.

    So I retain / enhance it's great handling characteristics, give it 400 HP, a six speed and the fun begins, both on the street and track.

    Sorry if I brag it up too much, but V8 Miatas are really fun !!!!
  20. well, once you say it so many times.... its like "yea, we know."
  21. VW Golf/Rabbit MK2 GTI Convertible. Any pics?

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