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Discussion in '1998 Italdesign Structura Concept' started by barefoot driver, Aug 9, 2002.

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    POS<!-- Signature -->
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    *goes back and forth*
    "this is wrong. this is all wrong. this is wrong. all wrong. wrong. wrong. all wrong."
    *goes on like this a day or two*

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    at least it's got a nice engine in it<!-- Signature -->
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    Damn, this car is ugly. The only thing that Italdesign will ever make that is actually nice is the Italdesign Nazca C2...I would be happy forever with one of those, so happy, if even someone puts an unnoticable fingerprint on it, I'd hunt 'em down with my Supra, and let them feel the pressure of what a >3000 lb. car feels like when it rolls over you again and again until you and the asphault "become one",if you know what I mean.<!-- Signature -->
  5. i'll start.. looks like ford windstar ie (stupid)
    now you ?? <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
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    no no no. Ford Focus!<!-- Signature -->
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    It lookz nastier than my mom in a G-String. Sick and wrong.
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    Man, even the Viper's ratty old iron block V10 makes 500, so I'm expecting more!
    Man, it's way uglier than a pile of_shit. DUMBshit, that is.
  10. It's not that bad. Look at the other italdesign cars. -.-

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