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  1. Heres my car

    1999 Camaro Z28 LS1 M6, 3.5 exhaust, 02 LS1 motor with 10.25/1 compression, air lid, ram air mod, stripper hard top, no pw,pdl. Has a/c, PS cooler BMR LCAs, adj panhard bar, BMR torque arm mount, custom valved bilstein shocks, 16X8 oem wheels with Kumho Ecsta Supra 712 tires hawk brake pads, motul brake fluid and SS braided brake lines. HIDs from 01 Acura RL, misc other extras. Weighs 3300 LBS with full tank of gas.
  2. Heres my car

    Do you prefer left or right circles?
  3. Heres my car

    Look at my sig, it was an SCCA Touring two car. Finished 6th in class at the runoffs in 2000. Has won a couple local scca races. Nice rabbit you got there. I'm still a vw guy, I've had about 6 watercooleds over the years, all mk1s and 2s.
  4. Heres my car

    Heres what it looked like when we raced it.
  5. Heres my car

    PRetty badass.
  6. Heres my car

    Thanks, it pulls a stock C5 from a stop or on the highway, and its actually fairly decent in the corners.
  7. Heres my car

    Nice whip. Mines just a drag car. But that's why I have the STi too. Run it at the strip at all? Best I ever ran was 11.1. No bottle, all motor.
  8. Heres my car

    I've heard that about the handle of those Camaros. They were better in the corners than they got credit for.
  9. Heres my car

    nice car bro. keep it clean, and u'll keep my respect.
  10. Heres my car

    lol I thought you were like 13 or 14. Nice car you got there.
  11. Heres my car

    I still miss my LS1 every now and then, oh well.
  12. Heres my car

    I'd miss the LS1, too - not the car.

  13. Heres my car

    I would take that Subaru anytime of that horrible thing.
  14. Heres my car

    so your dad ran it and not you?
  15. Heres my car

    Where are these HIDs? The lights shown are standard halogen 3200K bulbs.

    These are the factory 4300K HIDs in the 01 RL:
  16. Heres my car

    They are in the car in the photos. The acura headlights have a reflector in front of them that changes the way they look somewhat, mine looked less blue than the ones I've seen still in the acura headlights. Heres some more pictures, this is in the daytime, you can see they are really bright. One of my bulbs burned out, so I dont have them in now. Does anyone know where to get white or yellow HID bulbs for cheap? Looking at your picture, the assemblies I had didnt look exactly like that, maybe is was a 00 RL, got any pictures of the HIDs from one of those?
  17. Heres my car

    I haven't run it at the strip in a few years. I think my best run was 13.1 at 108 on some shitty tires.
  18. Heres my car

    You've never driven one I'll bet. What is so horrible about it?
  19. Heres my car

    No, I was good friends with the owner of the car, I bought it when he switched to a 350Z. They made the camaros run a TB plate and limited what suspension they could do, when the 350Z came out they were slow as shit so they were allowed full suspension and other stuff, so they ended up being faster on overall lap time, and everyone switched.
    Clarification because Torque is an idiot: "I NEVER RACED THIS CAR IN SCCA, I PURCHASED IT WHEN THE OWNER SWITCHED TO A 350Z"
  20. Heres my car

    1977 Ranchero GT, bored and cammed 460 with '73 heads, 750cfm carb, stock exhaust minus cats, original mag 500's on $30 Dayton tires,$8 halogen headlights, no power steering/AC, about 4300lbs with 1/8th tank of gas
  21. Heres my car

    Awesome ride dude!<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  22. Heres my car

    I miss it. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  23. Heres my car

    I know you're bsin, the '68-72 head flow much better than '73+. Quickest way to qake up a Mark, LTD, T-bird, Cougar with a 460 is to bolt on some Mark III heads. THey make heave cars fast easy, hell the Mark III was rated at 365 hp whish is pretty great for a "non" performance engine.
  24. Heres my car

    I'd psot my 96 camamro but have no pix
  25. Heres my car

    in MN, you only find 73+


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