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  1. Looks awesomely.... expensive. But awesome.
  2. yes i love those.
  3. +1
  4. I have a TR8 and a Spitfire. although a V12 Spitfire would be awesome I think I'm far to lazy to actually attempt it.
  5. V12 Ford Model A GOGOGO
  6. Everyone loves them, buuuuuuut supposedly there can be issues where they can void portions of your warranty, because they run a different amperage and you have to get some transformer or something. Blah blah blah, I don't know.

    They look killer though, would love to have them on my 2010.
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    Just ordered for the Miata:

    Wilwood Big Brake Kit

    Black 6UL 15x9's

    Toyo R1R's

    Racing Beat Type II front bumper

    Air Splitter

    Rear Lip Spoiler

    Rear Finish Panel

    Euro Tail Lights (black)

    Bodywork should start in March or April. Color will be Moonrock Grey from the S2000. Emblems and hard top fasteners will be flat black. Door handles will be painted body color.

    After bodywork will come suspension and then the LS1 engine and roll cage will be next year ($$ is tight!).

    Any ideas on color for the brake calipers?
  8. I need to find a place to order them from, im having a hard time since my internet is kind of messed up
  9. Yah, was thinking this also.
  10. My latest mod was a transmission mount and crossmember. Soon another LSD.
  11. Remmmeenton should know what these are. Of the 1.9 variety. Should be going on within the next two weeks after I replace the engine cradle/power steering rack/motor mount.
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    shoulda bought Dunlop star specs over the R1Rs. Still good tires though.
  13. Sweet, just got my electric cutout too
  14. That Miata is gonna be sexellent.

    Clean, lightly modded (exterior) 1st gens are awesome. Going hardtop too I assume? Because you should.
  15. keep me posted on this? Thought about that for the WRX, but probably wouldn't survive winter.
  16. This unit is about $100 cheaper than the QTP one. I messaged some people who had older Youtube videos with this Raceland unit. They said it was still working well for them many months later. I'm kind of worried if it will fit under the exhaust tunnel, but someone had it on their VW so it will probably work. Probably wont install until next week. Even then, car wont be road worthy (suspension damage due to pot hole) for several weeks when I amass parts to fix it.
  17. ^^ I assume it's some sort of electrical butterfly in the exhaust?

    Also, so #$%#ing hard to find RPF1s in the right size second hand
  18. ok, but I understand that it's pretty easy to install if you have the right tool (something to cut the existing exhaust pipe and some good welder)

    I still can't choose :/ keep us posted!
  19. Just purchased these 96-99 SHO leather seats for $100 for my 03 Taurus. Going to pick them up next weekend.
  20. My car has headers. That pipe allows the exhaust to flow through the regular pipes keeping it nice and stock sounding. Open the butterfly and I am then running straight headers.

    As for install: There is a pipe that is bolted between the downpipe and the resonator/muffler. That pipe is connected by band clamps. All I have to do is take off the band clamps and replace that pipe with this one and RTV it. I'm not going to weld it since I plan on getting a CTS-V in two years and will want to use it on that.
  21. yessir. Already have the hardtop.

    Just picked up an aluminum 6.2L out of a Cadillac Escalade. 417 HP and 403 ft lb., though it will be pumping out quite a bit more after a cam, different intake, and some free flowing exhaust. 22 miles on it before dude rolled it.
  22. Front AND back for 100? Pretty good deal I'd say.
  23. Gonna get some 8k HID H4 high and low beam headlights. Should be pretty bright. Also gonna do an H3 bulb conversion to my foglights. So basically, my fogs can be headlights, and then I can be an ultradouche and blind the #$%# out of anything

  24. I just installed police strobe led lights on top of the dash and next I'm installing some behind the grille, I already nhave them... iz dat against the rulz?

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