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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by thebarron1989, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. how did you find it again? did you use the search featu that was given for your renewed patience?
  2. New search feature in 2010, you heard it here first!
  3. had a threesome with a 48 year old sandwich artist and a 52 year old bus driver. Got the clap.
  4. wtf? asshole
  6. So is four years officially wrong at 16 & 20? What about 17 & 21?...what age does the bottom have to be?
  7. it's your age divided by 2 + 7
  8. I check out my girlfriends sisters ass all the time. And her friends asses. And my buddy's wives & girlfriends asses. And the young cashiers asses at the market. And chicks at work.

    Any dude that says he doesn't check out every single nice ass within his visual proximity is a stinking liar.

    Am I a bad person?
  9. "Am I a bad person?"

    read 2nd sentence.
  10. Ur a liar!
  11. no i check pretty much any ass.
  12. Yeah, me too.
  13. gotta check out the nice bums. i'll give a nice pair of tits the old "one over", i usually don't even care if the chick catches me lookin.
  14. Every guy does that.

    I guffaw when I hear co-workers (40-50yo) check girls under my age, I'm like "LOL she's the age of your hot daughter!!!"

  15. 18 is the bottom if youre over 18
    otherwise w00ts rule

    so a 2 year old would have to date a 8 year old
    i dont make the rules around here
  16. You know what the problem is... for a guy who is 30, there's nothing wrong with having sex with an 19 year old. She's legal, she's developed, and guys her own age are still largely pathetic and awkward. And also, 19 year old girls love 30 year old guys. That's why it was so hard to get laid when we were 19, because all the girls our age were flirting with 30 year old guys.

    However, if a guy who is 30 can stand talking to a 19 year old girl long enough to take her to bed, then he is either dumb as a post, or a manipulative predator. I was at the store today and I was looking at the cute cashiers bum, and thought "damn, just wanna touch it!" But then I heard her talk to her friend, and I knew that I could not stand her company any longer that was absolutely necessary to buy my veal.
  17. Hemi was so LOL in this thread
  18. this thread is too big to go back and read hemistage <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    I vote for smaller threads
  19. I've touched myself to more than one LancerVance vacation photo.
  20. im a leg man, cant resist a nice flank and some hot boots
  22. yeah lih cant talk to sub-20 year old ppl anymore

    kinda like zomg ur s0000 young lol roffle omg!
  23. Legs and tits are great, but I stare at ass the most and if a girl has really curvy hips, I usually end up gawking obscenely.
  24. why am I an asshole? People are way to #$%#ing protective of their siblings. I was probably the nicest guy shes ever met. Shouldnt people be happy that their siblings are dating nice people instead of some random jerks?
  25. I don't know , girls stare at me all the time , so its only fair if I get to stare right back at their genitals ...

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